10 x Caroline’s Wash Sets

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About The Product

Caroline’s Wash - the perfectly simple solution to problem skin.

While irrefutably the best wash available for skin problems, Caroline’s Wash is now even better, thanks to an improved and more effective formula.

With a beautiful, rich and creamy consistency, Caroline’s Wash is specially formulated for people with eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, extra dry, sensitive or acne prone skin, and is also now TGA approved.

With stylish new packaging and a new 100-gram sized travel tube, as well as the original 500ml pump, Caroline’s Wash has the advantage over similar products thanks to its user-friendliness.

A multipurpose product, it can be used as a face/body wash, shampoo and conditioner. It’s a wonderful shaving agent and fantastic make-up remover and has the added benefit that it can be used by everyone, regardless of age or skin type.

Made from a highly concentrated blend of botanically derived herbal extracts and oils including Colloidal Oatmeal, Aloe Vera, Borage Seed Oil and natural Vitamin E., Caroline’s Wash is also popular with people who don’t have skin problems but are seeking a natural alternative to traditional soap based products as

It contains no chemical based preservatives, fragrances, nut products, SLS and is not tested on animals.


Product Reviews

Glenda111, Mcloughlins Beach VIC


My husband has been struggling to find a wash that doesn't agravate his psoriasis for several years, since chemotherapy treatment turned a mild case into a daily battle with flare ups and flaking skin.
After using Caroline's Wash for a week his skin is looking considerably less irritated and red, with no sign of flaking. Being able to use it as a shampoo is so much easier than having to use multiple products, that only do one cleaing job and the pleasant perfume of the natural ingredients is suitable for even the fusiest man.
I've used the wash to remove makeup and found a small amount does the job well and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry.
Knowing that the wash is made with natural ingredients and not harsh chemicals, that may be doing more harm than good, was very reassuring especially when dealing with a problem skin condition.
I'd be happy to continue using Caroline's Wash in future and have recommended it to my daughter for use on her sons eczema prone skin.
The packaging was attractive and easy to use,we are travelling soon and it will be the perfect size to pack for our holiday, the only drawback I found was not having the ingredients listed on the tube.

Deb219, Springfield QLD


For long time i've suffered from acne on my chin area and the reasons are still a mystery!I've tried pretty much everything. I've spent a lot of money and eventually i gave up.I was given the chance to try CAROLINE'S WASH. Well, it is just AMAZING! it is a gentle wash, creamy and not soapy, has a nice natural smell. I've been using it more than 10 days now and my skin is radiant, supple, clean (really clean!), pores on my cheecks are not visible anymore. It's very gentle on the skin but cleans it deeply and properly, plus (which is very important to me) is natural, not tested on animals and palm oil free! My husband was so amazed that he's starting to use it as well!!

Glenda111, Mcloughlins Beach VIC


Just a quick update on my review, I'd like to say a big thankyou for choosing to ask me to review "Caroline's Wash", the improvement in my husbands skin after just a few weeks, has been amazing. After trying so many other products without success, this one has been a very pleasant surprise...I'll be chatting with our Doctor about Caroline's wash so his other psoraisis sufferers can try it out, hopefully with the same result.

nicky53, Harrisville QLD


I suffer from Rosacea and react badly to most skincare and makeup, hyper allergenic is meaningless in my case, so I was very keen to try this. Very simple to use, mix to a lather in your hands and apply to a wet face, massage gently and rinse off. My skin loved it and it did not strip all the oils from it and no bad reactions. It also can be used as a shampoo. This makes it ideal to use on holidays and save luggage space.

In the package unexpectedly, was a a 500ml pump pack of Caroline's Cream which is an all purpose moisturiser, a fabulous product, no bad reactions at all, a light milky product which sank in quickly with no greasy feeling. Unusually it can be used around the eyes with no problems.

I love both these products and I had not heard of them before, I will be buying them in future and I have been recommending to my friends with problem skins!

djchilds, Aberfoyle Park SA


I loved these products!
Caroline's Cream was lightweight, gentle and fast-absorbing. My skin felt relieved, moisturised and nourished after application, and my dry elbows especially loved it! My skin was soft and subtle and looked healthy. Love the Cream; it's huge size, so great value for money and a really good solution for dry skin and sufferers or Ecxema, Dermatitis or other similar skin problems.
Caroline's Wash was a great gentle cleanser for my sensitive acne-prone facial skin. I love that it's mild and I didn't react to it. It's so gentle, yet gave me a great cleanse. My skin felt soft, healthy and clean afterwards. Thanks for introducing me to this great brand!

Abel6, Redland Bay QLD


Caroline’s Wash is a great New product especially designed to be beneficial for sensitive or affected skins. It is equally suitable for women’s or men’s skin and the packaging is neutral to appeal to both. I particularly liked how Caroline’s Wash complimented Caroline’s award winning Cream. Both products worked together to provide nutritional comfort to the skin with the added benefit of Botanically Derived and Natural Ingredients. Caroline’s Wash effectively cleaned without drying the skin. Highly Recommended for all skin types. 5 Star products.

AngieC, Latrobe TAS


Got the wash in the mail eager to try it!! My daughter has sensitive skin and my son just starting to get a few puberty pimples. Most products make my daughters skin break out on a rash, Caroline's wash didn't have any negative effect on her at all. My son has only been using for a few days but already I can see his face has become clearer. I found it a great makeup remover! although it is fragrance free all 3 of us found the wash to be a little on the smelly side. Overall we are all happy with the benefits and they out way the slight smell.

Kirsty2, Ashmore QLD


I have been using this product for a week now and have noticed how soft and smooth my skin is. My skin has not shown any signs of dryness since using this product. Using this product has improved my skin, in my opinion, and is not as harsh on my skin as regular supermarket soap products.

Dazamz, Lyndhurst VIC


I have had this product for a few weeks now.... When I apply the product every morning, it feels very nice and my face goes really smooth. from the picture's I have seen what this product can do I yet to be convinced as my face still feel very dry the next day. I am yet to see big results but I will keep using the product and see if me skin improves over time.