10 x Cadbury Dairy Milk Packs

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About The Product

Cadbury Dairy Milk is excited to announce the arrival of magical new additions to the best-selling Marvellous Creations chocolate range, fresh from the kitchens of Joyville.

Introducing new Marvellous Creations Clinkers, Gummi Bears & Choc Biscuit AND Clinkers, Raspberry Chips & Marshmallows!

A kaleidoscope of flavours, colours and textures combine to deliver enchantingly varied taste sensations and create a playful chocolate experience that will take you back to the excitement and wonder of childhood – imagine Mini Marshmallows blended with the crunchy snap of Clinkers and sparkling Raspberry Chips or juicy Gummi Bears and delicious Choc Biscuit pieces!

The wonky and unique combinations of ingredients are generously combined in unusual shapes and wrapped in smooth and creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate for a magical and truly marvellous chocolate experience.

The two new variants will complement the existing Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations range which already includes three delicious variants – Jelly Popping Candy Beanies, Jelly Crunchie Bits and Peanut Toffee Cookie.

Ben Wicks, General Manager Marketing Chocolate for Cadbury Dairy Milk, said the company is proud to continue delivering product innovation and leading the market when it comes to chocolate making that redefines boundaries and reminds us all how magically unexpected chocolate can be.

Product Reviews

Andrew76, Cranbourne East VIC


After trying both new flavours I was very impressed. The Cadbury Creations still have the delicious texture and flavour that we have grown to love but with the various other flavours coming through. Chucks of jelly, marshmellow, cookie bits and clinkers create a variety of flavours. Each odd shaped piece will have different flavours running through it. Will definately be buying more after trying these and will recommend to whoever wants to listen

Kim893, Clearview SA


wow, this would have to be my favourite chocolate. The best one out of the two would be the clinkers Raspberry chips and marshmallows I did like the other one (clinkers, gummi bears an choc biscuit) although I found the gummi bears a little to big. Of course the family all loved it and wanted to eat it all in one go(especially my husband who is a choc-o-holic).thanks so much for letting us try this product..

missusgee, Hillcrest QLD


Best surprise when I received this n the mail. Cadbury chocolate has always been my favourite and these new ones confirm that. The usual cadbury chocolate taste in the bars are delicious. To top it off the additions of clinkers, gummy bears & choc biscuit and in the other bar clinkers, raspberry chips & marshmallows is a delightful combination. When I have a piece I just wonder what I am going to bite into next! A gummy bear or a clinker?

Highly recommended and well worth the cost! The kids love it, the adults love it more!

Beverley132, Belconnen ACT


Cadbury's new Marvellous Creations clinkers, gummi bears and chocolate biscuit, and clinkers, raspberry chips and marshmallows are absolutely delicious. With just a bite, the rich milk chocolate melts in your mouth with a delicious crunch to it. It soothes any sweet tooth and I would buy it repeatedly at the store. It is surely a Marvellous creation, living up to its name and exceeding my expectation...

Sharon824, Greenmount WA


I have always been a Cadbury Girl and these new flavours are fantastic. I shared blocks with friends and we all talked about how great they are and that they are very addictive!!! I turned a block upside and there was so many pieces of each of the new flavours and each piece of chocolate is a generous size. So a big congrats to Cadbury, my family and I loved them.

Sally, Quambatook VIC


i love the crunchy texture and taste of the clinkers, raspberry and marshmallow chocolate. My daughter absolutely love the clinkers, gummybears and choc biscuits. They are both fantastic and the flaovurs really go together.

Millie17, Seddon VIC


Overall, i do like Cadbury chocolate but this particular product was bit sweet.
I think the packaging was fun and creative and the bigger and smaller pieces interesting.

As for the actual chocolate, I found the distribution of the added goodies a bit uneven.

With the Clinkers, Rasberry Chips and Marshmallows, it was hard to tell what was a Clinker and what was a marshmallow. I could hardly find any chips but I did quite like the taste.

With the Clinkers, Gummy Bears and Choc Biscuit, I loved the texture but sometime found the gummy bears hard to chew.

In conclusion, I like the chocolate and would like to compare it to the other products in the range.