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About The Product

CADBURY DAIRY MILK has launched two new varieties to its CADBURY DAIRY MILK Mousse range – the deliciously yummy chocolate experience designed especially for women.

The new Mousse products are Double Chocolate and Raspberry Chocolate and consist of a light chocolate mousse centre with a layer of raspberry coulis or chocolate flavoured coulis - encased in smooth and creamy CADBURY DAIRY MILK chocolate.

Already a favourite treat among women, the new Mousse variants are pure chocolate bliss and the perfect companion for those everyday occasions when you want to take a little time out for yourself.

The delicate pieces roll off the top of your mouth, the shell melting away to reveal a soft luscious centre of chocolate mousse awakening the senses, as the contrasting flavours of coulis titillate the taste buds. The combination of CADBURY DAIRY MILK chocolate with the unmistakable texture of chocolate mousse, oozing with an added layer of refreshing coulis, is what makes Mousse the perfect treat to spoil yourself.

Both products consist of 12 bite-sized pillow shaped pieces and come in a new resealable pack, allowing chocolate lovers to reseal the wrapping - to enjoy some now and some later.

Available now in 145gm blocks for RRP $3.99.

Product Reviews

Madeline57, Wynyard TAS


I had a really great weekend away to come home to a package. I didn't remember how many were being sent to me and me family and I (all six of us) were excited to try out these new chocolates. We enjoyed the 'Raspberry chocolate' a bit more than the 'Double chocolate' block of chocolate. They weren't too rich, heaps or flavour, didn't effect my sensitive teeth, didn't make me feel sick, same with my family members. Great big pieces, so you don't need much at all. But definitely a great treat for anyone, these will sell very well indeed!
Thank-you very much, I'm very grateful to have been picked.
We all rate this 5 stars, this is a wonderful new creation of chocolate, especially with a mousse twist :)

cloot, Karalee QLD


This chocolate is a real treat and so rich and indulgent that the 12 pieces are enough to share with friends and make you feel you've had a more than satisfying chocolate fix. We particularly loved the raspberry coulis. I would highly recommend this chocolate to everyone and I will certainly be buying it again.

Merryl142287, Bilambil Heights NSW


This is chocolate to die for. Perfect for after dinner. My favourite is curled up on the couch watching a good movie and the tough choice of double chocolate or Raspberry chocolate. I choose both.
I know this chocolate is especially targeted for women, but EVERYONE will adore it, so don't expect to have any left once it's opened.

Jackthemuz, Harrison ACT


Tried the Double choc first and that last 30 seconds in our house, A definite favourite. The Raspberry chocolate come in a distant second, although nice, it was a little too sweet for us, But if your a Cherry ripe / Turkish delight fan this chocolate would be for you. Both chocolates had generous potion sizes, but made me feel a little guilty having two pieces in one session. Can't wait to try the other flavours.

Sibel_sweets, Newington NSW


This was the most luxurious and rich chocolate I have ever eaten. Cadbury have really nailed the balance of textures, with the chocolate mousse blending fantastically with the burst of flavour from the liquid filling, either juicy raspberry or dreamy chocolate. Definitely the best chocolate I have even tried!

Helen, Darnum VIC


I was very impressed with the two new varieties in the Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse range.
The 'Double Chocolate' was rich in flavour and was like eating a chocolate mousse dessert covered in chocolate sauce - Yum.
The 'Raspberry Chocolate' was quite sweet and was like eating chocolate mousse with a sweet raspberry sauce - heavenly.
Both varieties were delicious and I enjoyed these with a cuppa for a mid afternoon pick-me-up.
I highly recommend!

bettina g, Stafford Heights QLD


We tried both the Rasberry and double chocolate products. They are very light and just melt in yoru mouth. The coulis in the middle is great. A very nice treat to try!