10 x BX Earth Cleaning Hampers

  • RRP $70.00
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About The Product

BX Earth is a new, all-natural, Australian-made range of cheeky body washes and hand care washes based on the finest quality natural botanical-based ingredients.

With refreshing and pleasantly-potent Australian ingredients, the new BX Earth range is completely SLS and PBA-free!

Each of the four body washes (500ML) in the range dons a cheeky Aussie message such as “You Scrub Up Well”, “Hey Settle Petal”, “Bit Of A Soft Touch” and “Good Morning Sunshine!” and are priced at RRP $7.99.

The antibacterial hand care wash range (300ML) is priced at RRP $4.49 and includes; Desert Lime and Coconut, Mandarin and Lemon Aspen and Watermelon and Dragonfruit.

Utilising an advanced cellular extraction technique, the BX Earth range feeds the skin with essentials such as antioxidants, bio-active extracts and natural essential oils, harnessed in Australia’s native fruits, plants and herbs,

Made in Australia and available at all Coles supermarkets, BX Earth products are suitable for all skin types and come in earth-friendly plastic PET bottles suitable for recycling.

For more information about BX Earth please visit www.bxearth.com.au

Product Reviews

emilysparrow, North Geelong VIC


Like many people, I try to buy products that are environmentally friendly, natural, Australian-made, etc, etc, but I often find it too hard to find or too expensive. So I was pretty excited to receive these hamper.

The scents are all very strong in the bottle, but not overpowering on the skin, which I think is great. I love the smells in the shower but I don't really want to smell like watermelon or geraniums all day! My favourite of the body-washes is Good Morning Sunshine, because I love citrus smells. Obviously my favourite hand-wash is the Desert Lime & Coconut - who can resist coconut? Yum. The hand-washes make my hands feel clean, but not dry, while also not being over-moisturising or greasy

Of course i received these for free, but I am really impressed by the low prices, and the generous size of the body washes in comparison.I am definitely planning to buy these again once I run out. To the company, i hope you make a vanilla scented body wash soon because that's my favourite!

Lisa1047, Tanah Merah QLD


I was absolutely thrilled to be able to try the BX EARTH range. Of course my toddler wanted to try all of them in one day, he has sensitive skin so I have to be very careful what I let him use. A very impressive result was no itching or rashes what so ever which is what I would have hoped for being PBA and SLS free, needless to say we will continue to use all of the hand washes and body washes. And we did try every single bottle, but our favourite hand wash by far is the Desert Lime and Coconut and body wash is You Scrub Up Well. Just love these.

Toni12, Glen Innes NSW


These products are 'Skindelicious' The hand cleansers leave your skin fresh and clean and the beautiful sents linger for ages. My particular favourite is the 'Lime and Coconut'. Love the fresh scent of coconut :). The range of shower gel products are beautiful. They have given me the ability to embrace and enhance every mood. It is so nice to finish work at the warehouse and shower my skin in 'Settle Petal'. And again...The product ability to enhance my moods is very comforting. My next favourite flavours would have to be...'Good Morning Sunshine' for the extra oomph it gives my day and 'Watermelon and Dragonfruit hand wash. Thank you for allowing me to trial these products. It has been a pleasure. Toni

Carol410, Mile End SA


I love these body washes. They smell amazing and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. My favourite is "you scrub up well".
The hand washes are great too. They all smell great and are a cool conversation piece when visitors use the bathroom too!

Lisa1284, Bathurst NSW


I loved these products!! I tried the lime and coconut hand wash and three of the body washes (hey settle petal, bit of a soft touch and you scrub up well - needless to say I have plenty of left overs!!) I adored these products! I have had problems in the past with body washes especially upsetting my skin. Not only did I have no problem with these, they left my skin feeling beautiful and soft! And they all smell amazing! Will definately be buying these in the future! Thank you for the opportunity to try them!

Hollie45, Catherine Hill Bay NSW


These products work well and don't leave any unpleasant residue or dryness on your skin. The different fragrances are delicious and are great for my sensitive skin.

Emma327, Hawthorn VIC


I have been using the Desert Lime and Coconut in the kitchen and the Watermelon and Dragonfruit handwash in the bathroom for several weeks now and love it. They both smell divine - very natural and have a really good lather which I especially like in the kitchen. It definitely doesn't dry my hands out as much as some handwashes do - I would love to see a matching hand lotion in a pump bottle as well - I really like to use lotion straight after handwash and it is amazing how rare it is to find these 2 products sold together in matching pump bottles. Having said that I would recommend these 2 handwashes to pretty much anyone - I don't think that they smell overly feminine or perfumed so they are great for guys and kids as well.
I have been using Hey Settle Pettle and Bit of a Soft Touch in the shower for several weeks as well. My favourite is Bit of a Soft Touch as I am in love with the soft peach fragrance - the vanilla doesn't come across as strong to me which is actually good because I am not a huge fan of vanilla scented products - vanilla is for cooking but that is probably just me! Anyway - the peach is definitely the strong note in this bodywash -but once again like the handwashes it is not overwhelming. I really like Hey settle Pettle bc I like geranium - and this is definitely the strong note in this bodywash - once again it smells very natural - eg similar to the geranium 100% aromatherapy oil I buy - so that is great - it doesn't smell synthetic or cloying at all.
The packaging is very simple - I don't mind the clear packaging - the product is pretty to look at and you can clearly see how much is remaining. I used to decant handwashes but I don't really have time for that these days so appreciate clear simple packaging. All in all - I think your products are great - but please consider some matching lotions as well!

ajaneyd, Sans Souci NSW


These smell really good and seem to last for ages. They look nice in the bathroom too!!