10 x Burton Health Herbal Tea Sets

About The Product

Burton Health herbal teas are hand-made in small batches using certified organic herbs.

Created by experienced Naturopath Laura Yen, the blends are formulated to nourish the body without compromising on taste or quality. They do not contain flavourings, colours or additives, the quality of the ingredients speak for themselves with their rich flavour and fragrant aroma.

Burton Health herbal teas can be enjoyed as a warming start to a cold morning or as a refreshing iced tea on a summers day.

Your pack will include:
1 x 10 serve bag TeaStress
1 x 10 serve bag Rest and Digest
1 x 10 serve bag ImmuniTea
1 x tea infuser

Product Reviews

Melissa514, Orange NSW


I have received the teas and the lovely "postcards" that come with them. A personal message and instructions on what is in each tea and how to use. They smell and more importantly taste delicious. No bitterness nor awful medicinal flavours, very pleasant to the palette. You can identify all the flowers and herbs in each tea - not processed at all. The "Immunitea" is my favourite at present - perfect for coming into winter. Very nourishing and nurturing - you are looking after your body, mind and soul with each cup. Cheers

Kara126, Morningside QLD


I received my pack late due to a mix up, but have tried the teas and they are really lovely. They are fresh and great combinations, and I am looking forward to drinking them through winter. Would definitely purchase ????

Carey17, Wamberal NSW


I am a hot-drink addict who is caffeine free so these teas held great appeal - and I was not disappointed! Whether consumed hot or cold they taste sensational. From the moment you start steeping, the lovely aroma entices & the taste is delicate yet flavoursome. I particularly liked the Rest & Digest before bed as it relieved my bloating & I've been enjoying restful nights. I would highly recommend these natural teas & would not hesitate to purchase again.

Kristie25, Bentleigh East VIC


Such lovely tasting teas. The Rest and Digest was a firm favourite, perfect for drinking after a meal, very settling on the tummy and the TeaStress was very calming. I would happily purchase these teas

Kathy59, Abermain NSW


Hi I finally received your product.
The blends were really nice and I enjoyed them, but the tea infuser wasnt much good with some of the flowers. I did end up using my own tea cup with the tea section.
Thank you again. Lovely blends.