10 x Bra-Voe Bra Storage Units

About The Product

Finally no more squashed or tangled bras.  No more fighting through your crammed underwear drawer to find the bra you want.

You can now protect your bras, display them beautifully and ensure they last for as long as possible.

It’s revolutionary, it’s funky, it’s fabulous, it’s exciting and women everywhere are talking about it.

Bra-Voe is a stylish solution that is perfect for any wardrobe.  You can place it in your drawer, on your shelf or hang it on the wall or behind the door.  It’s neat, it’s quirky and it is easy to use.  Just flick through your bras and choose the one you want for the day.

Made from the highest quality material Bra-Voe arrives in gorgeous packaging that will give all women a sense of indulgence as they undo the bow and find a little message within.

How refreshing to have your bras all sorted.  Bra-Voe will become your favourite part of the wardrobe.

Bra-Voe is also a gorgeous gift idea.  Perfect gift for the girl who has everything, loves her lingerie or loves being organized.  It is available in white or black and comes in three sizes.  It is available on line on www.bra-voe.com and is $49.95 delivered.