10 x BotanicES Gift Sets

About The Product

BotanicES, a natural caffeine skincare range, has launched using environmentally sustainable ingredients expected to revolutionise the way Australians hydrate their skin.

This new Australian skincare range has been developed using a unique method to extract the benefits of caffeine from coffee beans; using a patented formula carefully developed by a local Australian chemical engineer.

Many people believe caffeine is dehydrating for the skin, however when applied externally it actually has incredible hydrating properties that make it a very effective moisturiser.

In clinical trials, skin saw a 59% increase in hydration within three hours. BotanicES products are very high in antioxidants and the natural caffeine in BotanicES actually penetrates the skin in 10 seconds.
The products contain only natural ingredients including caffeine, jojoba oil, raw coconut oil and vitamin E. All BotanicES products are available for sale online at www.botanices.com

Product Reviews

Audrey, Wembley WA


Love the product - its all natural and no perfumes

Cathie70, Glenmore Park NSW


Thank you for the opportunity of trying these beautiful products. I enjoyed using them as I found the products were soft and hydrating. I definitely noticed a difference in my skin tone and elasticity within a couple of days of starting to use the products. I found an instant softening of my skin but I also noticed within hours a tightening of my skin also. I do believe my skin was firmer for using these products. I like that the eye cream was slightly thicker than the other two creams but all the creams absorbed well. I am impressed that there is a high anti-oxidant component and that the products are natural based. I have had skin reactions before using facial moisturisers that required me to seek medical treatment so I was a little apprehensive trying a new product but was reassured after reading how natural the products were. I did not have any sort of reaction and was pleasantly surprised with how improved my skin actually was. I was equally impressed by the packaging especially being recyclable but my only concern is that you wouldn't know how much was left of the particular product to know when to replace it. It was a pleasure to use this product and I am amazed that a product containing natural caffeine can be so beneficial for your skin. I would have no hesitation in using this product on a permanent basis as I think long term use would only improve the changes I have already noticed in my skin which is now softer and more hydrated.

Kathy672, Coffs Harbour NSW


I love this product line, it leaves your skin feeling firm and soft, it is not like any other product I have used in the past. I have very sensitive skin and would have no problem recommending this product line to others to use. its great. thanks for letting me try it out. Kath

Marie598, Forster NSW


I loved the products. The face cream made my face a lot smoother and the eye cream my wrinkles around my eyes and between my eyebrows have become less lines. With using these products I had to wait after applying them as it took a while for the products to absorb into my skin before applying my makeup
The body cream was nice have noticed my skin firmer as well and my hands especially nice and firm and soft people have reconised the difference it was ashame I did not take before and after photos to see the difference but I definitely have noticed the change which is fantastic
I would recommend these products for sure

Julie786, Maroochydore QLD


I would recommend this product, the creams feel great on your skin & you look fresher

Terri221, Kingsley WA


The face creme worked well on my very dry skin; using it morning and night it did appear to hydrate and tighten the skin on my forehead and cheeks. I found the eye serum was best used in the evening only, as it did leave a slightly greasy sheen.

I really liked the body creme, it was light and absorbed well. I found the slight coffee odour a little off putting at first, but after 10 days of use it doesn't bother me at all.

Overall a really nice skin care package, best suited to mature users I think.

Chrisi, Riverwood NSW


I was very excited when my parcel arrived so that I can trial my the BotanicES Face, Eye and Body Creme. As a busy working mum, it has been such a pleasant experience to use a luxurious product such as BotanicES. I have been using this product every day and my usually tired looking skin is now fresh and glowing. I would definitely recommend this product and will most definitely be looking to replenish when it runs out!

Dianne677, Milsons Point NSW


My sensitive skin drank up the moisturisers leaving it feeling silky and smooth. After three weeks of use I am receiving compliments on how fresh my skin looks. The dryness around my eyes is gone and most of the puffiness too. I found the pump ejects enough moisturier for my face and for my eyes I use the excess on my decolletage.

The tube packaging is easy to use and even drop on tile proof (chuckle). Had a little trouble getting the body moisturiser to start working but now it's fine. Only thing I would change is the insert in the box it came in - it leaves a gritty green residue on the bottles, which needed to be washed off.

Overall a great natural product that I would buy and recommend.