10 x Bondi Chai Latte Hampers

About The Product

Bondi Chai Latte’s silk-smooth creaminess and amazing flavour have helped to make it the most awarded chai latte in the country – and one of the most popular.

An almost addictive blend of black tea, honey and ‘comfort’ spices, Bondi Chai dissolves straight into milk to make a chai latte to die for – or any number of iced drinks, smoothies and even cocktails!

It’s also great in sweets, cakes and desserts or sprinkled over fruit and stirred into yoghurt and it adds a special “je ne sais quoi” to French toast.

Bondi Chai is made with only the best ingredients and without ‘industrial nasties’. It’s also gluten free, low-fat, low in caffeine and has no trans-fatty acids.

You can enjoy a Bondi Chai in cafes as far apart as London and Launceston, Amsterdam and Armidale or Mumbai and Melbourne. You’ll even find Bondi Chai in Kathmandu!

Someone, somewhere in the world, is ordering a Bondi Chai Latte at their favourite café every three seconds.

And now you can enjoy your Bondi Chai at home.

You’ll find both fantastic varieties in the tea and coffee aisle of your supermarket and in selected independent retailers around the country.


Product Reviews

Anthia2, Melbourne VIC


Had my first taste and savour of the brew - love it, love the rich creamy aroma and surprise surprise the taste matches the aroma - love Bondi Chai - have tasted different brands before now this one is the best Anthia Hinson

Nadia98, Wynnum West QLD


Tried both club cinnamon and vanilla honey chai latte.

They were both fantastic, I loved the flavour tasted just like a cafe bought Chai Latte. I will definitely be recommending this product to friends and family. I also like the fact it is gluten free.

Natalie939, Stanhope Gardens NSW


I have tried chai lattes in cafes all around the world and can honestly say that this is the most fabulous tasting in comparison. Silky Smooth treat that feels Velvety on your tongue.
A fantastic afternoon pickme up, to relax with after a hard days work.
The sweet smell invoked curiosity from those around me in the work place. Great product to keep my staff focused during arduous meetings.
Brought my faith back after having tried other similar bitter products leaving me disappointed.
Both flavours delicious, I can't decide which is my favourite, love them both.
Have already been spreading the word about this amazing product and it will remain my afternoon treat until the end of time

aaron3737, Calamvale QLD


Both of these flavours were fantastic!! I would highly recommend this product. I didn't need to add any sugar to these as they were naturally sweetened to perfection.

I can't choose between the two flavours - both are great and very easy to make.

Marnie7, Camberwell VIC


So yum! I tried both the cinnamon club chai and the vanilla honey one. I usually prefer my spice chais with extra cinnamon sprinkled on top but didn't at all with bondi chai! I was a bit skeptical about the vanilla and honey one because I haven't liked vanilla chai in the past but this one was WAY better. The vanilla wasn't overpowering and it was really nice! You can still taste it but its not overwhelming.
I used my nespresso machine to froth the milk to go with it. Before I added the milk i mixed the chai with a little bit of hot water so that I didn't need to stir it.

Nthabeleng , Melbourne VIC


I found both the flavours of Bondi Chai really tasty. They do dissolve really easily in milk and I've even tried it with water and was quite happy. The only thing I had an issue with was how sweet it was. Although it's said to contain no more than a "typical 1 teaspoon cup of tea's worth of sugar", I still found it quite sweet. Other than that, delicious!