10 x BinSpring™ Sets

About The Product

BinSpring™ is a contraption that attaches to your council bins, ensuring that the lid remains closed whenever you’re not using it, eliminating unwanted litter, rodents, and general smells.

It is 100% Australian owned, designed and manufactured and contains UV and heat resistant compounds, designed and tested to withstand the Australian elements.

BinSpring™ comes ready to install and is easy to fit to any size of wheelie bin with no interference in the bin collecting process.

BinSpring™ comes in a set of two springs and is priced at $24.95 - currently available online and at participating stores in Australia and New Zealand.

Product Reviews

Debbie1119, Taylors Lakes VIC


I have been using the "BinSpring" now for quite a while, I found it to be particularly useful in stopping things blowing out of our bin during the very windy weather we have had, I also found it to be a deterrent for other peoples unwanted rubbish that gets put into our bins before we can get them in, there was no problem when it came time for the bin to be emptied, BinSpring did not hinder the process at all.
It was so easy to install, it literally took just seconds.
I would recommend "BinSpring" to everyone!

Deb O'Grady

Chloe299, Jordan Springs NSW


They were really easy to install, the product definitely does what it claims! We had a windy few days here and the lid remained closed, i also noticed that it was less smelly when walking by the bin also.

Eringoode, Wellington Point QLD


The week we received this product to try we woke up to our bin lid open and rubbish everywhere. Since putting the BinSprings on the bin the lid hasn't been opens by wind or wild animals.
The instructions to install the BinSprings were straight forward and we were able to install easily. Without the instructions I'm not sure I'd know how to put them on.
You really need two hands, one to open the bin and keep it open and the other hand to put the rubbish in. It's a bit tricky to open when holding a baby.
I didn't think the springs would open when the rubbish truck would collect it but it has proven me wrong.
The BinSprings would be great for places with wild animals and public bins which attract birds etc. The cost of the BinSprings would be justified in places like these.