10 x BBQ Buddy Kits

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About The Product

There’s nothing better than the smell of a barbecue on a summer’s day. The aroma of grilled prawns and sausages lingers in the air. Why dream about it? Fire up the barbecue and release your inner chef with the help from BBQ Buddy tools and accessories.

Whether you are grilling a steak or roasting a chicken, BBQ Buddy has the right tool for the job. Made with quality materials, and affordably priced. BBQ Buddy products are designed to be functional and comfortable with many of the tools featuring ergonomically designed grips.

BBQ Buddy tools are also designed to not create a fuss, many of the tools are dishwasher safe. Ensuring you spend more time relaxing and less time cleaning!

Designed by barbecue enthusiasts for barbecue enthusiasts, BBQ Buddy tools and accessories they are so good you won’t want to put them down.

We have 10 fantastic BBQ Buddy kits to giveaway for review!

Each kit contains:

- Enamel drip and roasting tray

- Basting brush

- Roasting rack

- Hot plate liner

- Beer can chicken rack

- Flat bamboo skewers

BBQ Buddy tools and accessories are available at Bunning’s stores nationally.

For more information visit www.bbqbuddy.com.au

Product Reviews

cheryl60545, Macquarie Fields NSW


This was amazing to try and the perfect timing.It was just right for New Years eve and it was terrific on the BBQ.we used the kebab sticks and the were easy to hold and held the meat very well.The hot plate liner made cleaning so easy and the enamel drip tray and rack were perfect to keep our food in and keeping it warm.the basting brush was a pleasure to use and not having any of it stick to the food or trays.
Overall i was very impressed with the whole pack,easy to use easy to clean and will always be used everytime we bbq

frangipanier, Springwood NSW


BBQ Buddy has brought out some really high quality products to make every BBQ a success - being the mistress of the BBQing, I'm quite impressed!

Jean37, Murray Bridge SA


This is an excellent product, very well made, good quality and value
thr roasting tray is a perfect size

Wendy, Shepparton VIC


Wow, I was thrilled when BBQ Buddy arrived. Our family are very keen BBQers; in summer it's pretty much all we have for dinner. I loved every product that came in the pack; the roasting tray & rack is wonderful - a great size and seems to transfer the heat very evenly. The basting brush has been put to good use as have the bamboo skewers (which are different to others I've used in that they have a cute little handle on the end which maked handling them much easier). The beer can chicken rack is fantastic; definitely a different way to cook your chook but incredibly tasty. The hot plate liner is alsi a winner - anything that helps to reduce the amount of fat used when cooking can only be a good thing. All in all, I would highly recommend the BBQ Buddy.

John15, Aveley WA


I must say very impressed, the hot plate liner I have not stopped using it , I love it you can cook with out oil and everything still has the bbq flavours.When you have variuos styles of dishes you can take it of give a quick clean and reuse it without transfering flavours from fish to beef for example.
The beer can chiken rack is a little awkward to use but does transfer flavours into the chicken, the only problem is getting the chicken off the rack.
The roasting rack and tray is easy to use in a bbq, but do follow instructions as it is a little thin and heat build up quickly, however have used it a few time and the more you understand your bbq the better it is.
The flat bamboo skewers are great and easy to use and easy to rotate when cooking as you have something to grab, the basting brush gives you the final touches to a good weekend of bbq or should I say in summer daily bbqing.