10 x Bare Bunny Certified Organic Pancake Mix Packs

About The Product

Looking for easy, nutritious ways to feed yourself and your family? Try the Bare Bunny organic, 100% wholegrain pancake mixes – perfect for a quick breakfast or snack any time of the day.

Made with delicious blends of wholegrain flours, the pancake mixes are easy to prepare, taste fantastic and are GOOD FOR YOU TOO. 

We only use the highest quality organic ingredients and of course use nothing artificial.  We like to keep it simple and wholesome.

Make Perfect Pancakes, Power Pancakes or GF Pancakes a regular part of your breakfast routine.
All our mixes are vegan friendly and certified by Australian Organic.

Product Reviews

Darren339, Guildford NSW


The perfect texture of these pancakes; moist, fluffy and airy. What more need I say but a perfect start to the morning when you're in a hurry. Just pour, add an egg and milk and you're away.

My family and I were big fans of the mixes' wholesome, vanilla taste almost reminding me of a bowl of oatmeal or wholegrain cereal - that's when you know you're getting a nutritious breakfast. True to the organic direction of the brand, the mix was at just the right level of sweetness, enough to get the kids on board but not overly so.

Of the three options, "Perfect", "Power" and "GF", we liked Power the most, as it contained a number of extra goodies which added to the health benefits of eating something that might traditionally be considered a treat and not a morning staple. Chia and flaxseed for fibre and digestion and well as numerous vitamins, you can't get more packed than that. The gluten free option is also good for those maybe wanting something a bit lighter to get them going for the rest of the day.

All in all, thoroughly delicious pancake mix for the family - serve with a drizzle of maple syrup.

BeckyBoo, Strathfieldsaye VIC


So I received my 3 packs of Bare Bunny Power Pancake mixes last week. I decided to make up 3 batches for the family on Mothers Day and see their response. Mainly my daughter who is autistic, loves pancakes but is fussy about the way they are made. Success!!! They were a hit. Light and fluffy and you would never know they were a premix. They tasted delicious. The Green Box which is Gluten Free was my personal favourite. They were not rubber like in texture, but light and fluffy the way pancakes should be. My daughter's favourite was the Red box which is made from Almonds, sunflower seeds and lots of yummy goodness. The Orange box was a hit with everyone. They all had their own distinct flavour but as stated before were just like the homemade pancakes nanna used to make. Now to make these babies last whilst I find a local stockist. I am a convert!!!
Thank you. 10 out of 10

Jostar, Charlestown NSW


This product is absolutely 100% beautiful in every way!! My family really enjoyed it a lot and we are buying it from now on!!!

Skyy , Belfield NSW


I really enjoyed these delicous full of goodness Power Pancakes! Packed full of natural fibre & really healthy for you too! Yum definately will buy it & recommend it :)

Susan1619, St.andrews NSW


Having a sweet tooth these mixes were something different to what I would normally choose from the supermarket shelf.
Obviously these are aimed at being a healthy alternative to other mixes available.
I did cook all three varieties and found them quick and easy to prepare. I tried the option with added oil or butter and then without the butter or oil. I found I preferred them without the added oil or butter.
I wanted to test them with or without a topping , although the packet does list a choice of toppings. I did find them a little blan with no topping . The Perfect mix being the least blan of the three.
With jam and butter added I did found them very tasty and quiet palatable. I would recommend adding a topping.
Overall they are quick and easy to prepare, a nutritious alternative to other shelf mixes and the bonus of being only made with organic and whole grain ingredients. A healthy start to the day or as a snack during the day to increase your energy levels.