10 x BABOR Beauty Fluid Packs

About The Product

BABOR is a luxury Spa brand that is #1 in Germany and available in over 60 countries internationally. At BABOR we use plant and herb extracts with the synergy of science to cover every spectrum of skincare from cosmeceutical to organic beauty solutions.

BABOR Beauty Fluids are 8x times stronger than your moisturiser and are to be used as an at home treatment for instant visible results. Experience “The Sound of Beauty” – that sharp snap when a precious BABOR glass ampoule is popped open.  

BABOR Moisture Fluid Pack contains 4x Active Algae Fluids and 3x Hydra Plus Active Fluids for dry, dehydrated skin. Active Algae Fluid supplies intensive moisture with the power of the ocean to leave skin feeling clear and smooth.  Hydra Plus Active Fluid contains Hyaluronic acid to locks in moisture and prevent it from escaping for baby soft skin.

Each pack contains 7 individual 2ml ampoules of beauty elixirs. Find BABOR Beauty Fluids and the rest of our luxurious spa skincare ranges at  premier  Salons and Spa’s nationally or online at https://au.babor.com FREE CALL 1800 139 139.


Product Reviews

Pam1, Pacific Pines QLD


I tried the Hydra plus Active Fluid and loved it. It felt very light when applied and my skin soaked it up quickly. There was no residue left on your face as it was absorbed so quickly. Each ampoule supplied a generous amout of the fluid and was certainly enough to cover my face and neck. I have very fair skin that tends to be dry with some darker spots from childhood sun exposure and these spots have lightened considerably. They are still there but are not as
noticeable and I have been receiving comments about how good my skin is looking (and its only 7 nights!)
The morning after the first application my skin felt really soft and by day 3 my skin had a
smooth fresh and bright look it hasnt had in years. It has just got better and better each day and after 7 applications looks hydrated and soft. I have used serums before and often find that they can feel heavy and clog the skin. I loved the way this product felt when you applied it and after it had been on a while. I feel it is certainly great for someone like myself living in Queensland. I am not a fan of heavily scented products and was pleased that this has a very mild scent that wouldnt upset someone who was sensitive to heavily scented products. I would certainly consider purchasing this product as it appears to be a reasonable price and think it would be great when traveling and flying as it seemed to stop the dryness. In summary loved it. I would certainly like to try the Algae fluid as well.
Thank you for the opportunity.