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About The Product

Pamper your feet silly and enter into a state of total relaxation with the Planet Earth Foot Spa pack.

With products to sooth and rejuvenate tired and sore feet, the pack contains Cucumber & Mint Foot Scrub and Foot Soak (200g), Intensive Repair Foot Lotion (150ml), Rough Cut Soap(100g), Pedicure Pod, Netting Sponge, and the super indulgent Electric Foot Spa. Polish and pamper your feet with the cucumber & mint infused foot scrub and foot soak to ensure soft and supple feet. The netting sponge and rough cut soap are perfect for everyday use, making it all-too easy to maintain beautiful feet. Give dry and cracked skin spots some much needed attention, use the foot shape pumice stone to rid dead skin and then massage the intensive repair foot lotion to restore rough and course skin into stunningly smooth feet. And for the ultimate treat, slip your feet into the heavenly electric foot spa that will give you that ‘just been to the salon’ spa feeling, guaranteed to delight.

For a luxury spa treatment in the comfort of your own home, share the love with the Planet Earth Foot Spa Pack and enjoy year round gorgeous soft feet, RRP$60. Available at Target stores nationally 03 9935 1300 or visit Pamper your feet silly and enter into a state of total relaxation with the Planet Earth Foot Spa pack.


Product Reviews

debralee, Pearcedale VIC


This foot spa is absolute heaven for sore feet. I have recently begun using a personal trainer and my poor old feet/heels have been feeling the pain of lack of exercise over a number of years and all of a sudden they are in action. Nothing really helped with the discomfort I felt and then I received this spa, pure bliss. I use the foot scrub after every training session and my feet just relax totally. After I have used the spa I feel like I have been to the salon and had the most amazing foot massage and pedicure. My two daughters aged 10 & 6 also use the foot spa, at first it was a novelty for them but as they both do a large number of hours with dance training they are also feeling the benefits of having their feet massaged after a hard dancing session. The 10 yo thinks that Santa might even bring her a foot spa for Xmas. I would recommend this product to anyone, it is just so relaxing sitting down watching tv with a nice drink and your feet being pampered at the same time.

Elise29, Orange NSW


I dont care for my feet at all, but this foot spa was the epitome of indulgence!!! Your feet feel softer, smoother and the fragrance of the soaking wash was beautiful. At the moment i am using the stone in between foot soaks and the results are clearly noticable. Great product and i have already recommended it to my friends!!!

Brooke120, Mount Lawley WA


The hardest thing about this product, is finding the time to use it! It's easy to use, plug and turn the dial to what you're after, and products have a lovely refreshing scent. Loved the pedicure pod to remove all the dry skin. The foot soak & after spa cream were lovely, but I prefer my foot scrubs to be a little bit grittier.
All in all, a great product, perfect for some me time & jut what every lady wants coming into the summer months - nice feet! x