1 x Zigo multifunctional bike worth $2595!

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About The Product

Zigo is a unique bike designed with extra functionality to easily and safely transport babies and children. But Zigo is much more than a family-friendly bike – it transforms to a carrier bicycle, bicycle trailer, jogging stroller, conventional stroller and bicycle.So you can drop your oldest off at day care, store the bike attachment and take the baby jogging in the stroller. Or you could just take the bike after dropping off your children and enjoy a solitary bike ride. The list goes on.

Zigo options:

• ChildPod - fitted in a matter of seconds to create a fully functional stroller with room for 1-2 children

• Jogger Kit - jog with the pod

• Leader Cycle - multi-speed city bike (with or without the ChildPod).


• Multi-function attachments to suit your needs

• ChildPod module so children travel at the front in the rider’s view rather than behind, eliminating danger

• Fold-down frame and pop-off wheels so it fits into the boot of an economy-size vehicle or a typical closet

• Manageable width to fit standard doorways.

Zigo – Life just got easier! www.myzigo.com.au

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