1 x Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Game, Console & Camera Set

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About The Product

Now you can keep fit in the comfort of your own living room - without having to use any controllers! Your Shape: Fitness Evolved gives you the most advanced workout to get you the results you want. Using Microsoft’s new Kinect Camera for the XBOX 360, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved actually puts your body into the game for the ultimate fitness experience.

You’ll physically interact with virtual environments in ways you’ve never seen before and be captivated by unique and exciting visual effects that respond to your movement and impact. As you exercise, you’ll receive real time form feedback on your every move, thanks to the game's real-time precise tracking system and your very own virtual coach!

A variety of classes such as Yoga and Taerobics, mini games to play against friends and family and personalised workouts are just a few reasons for you to get out of your rut and get into Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.

Celebrity fitness trainer Michelle Bridges from The Biggest Loser has developed a special weight loss program for the game, and will appear in game watching your every move as your own virtual personal trainer.