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About The Product

Forget everything you know about portrait photography.This is new. This is different. This is Verve Portraits. Vibrant, spontaneous images that capture your personality, spirit of your life, and sense of fun. This is your session, a totally individual experience, where you can call the shots - or let us inspire you to try something new. During your session, your experienced photographer will put you at ease, capturing your personalities like never before. So have fun. Play with the ideas. You are welcome to bring along personal items with you to personalize you images. Don’t be shy! We have had pets, motorbikes, sports and musical equipment etc. The more you bring, the more fun you’ll have! After your shoot, its time to relax whilst we spoil you with champagne, snacks and an amazing show that will capture the unique essence of you and your family. Sit back and enjoy the laughter, the smiles and maybe the tears of your own movie experience in our state of the art cinema rooms. Your designer will offer you an expert outside perspective in choosing images - guiding you through the many elements of design to consider - so that your selected wall art will compliment and transform your space.

Experience Breakdown: $1000.00 Verve Experience.

A one and a half hour personalized studio session

A one hour preview session in our viewing cinema

An image of your family as a 20" x 20" piece of Canvas Art

The entire experience is valued at over $1000.00.


Please note: Reviewers must live near or be willing to travel to thier nearest Verve Studio to be eligible.