1 x Ultimate 60 Game Tabletop Arcade Machine

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About The Product

Bumper Action Amusements presents The Ultimate 60 Game Tabletop Arcade Machine ($2200 RRP).

A brand new top quality retro tabletop with the latest version LCD screen complete with 60 classic original games such as Galaga, Pacman, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Scramble and Space invaders.

For gaming enthusiasts of all levels and ages, these tables are one of the most sought after must have items for the home, bar or work place.

Bumper Action Amusements specialises in sales, service and hire of all types of amusement machines and collectables. Pinball Machines, Video Arcade Games, Juke Boxes, Air Hockey and Soccer Tables, Neons and Novelties. Whether you are looking for a great game for your home entertainment lounge or “man cave”, a unique piece for the office or the ultimate gift, you will find it here!

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Product Reviews

chrismul, Picnic Point NSW


"WOW" and that`s an understatement! I must say that Upon Delivery of The Ultimate 60 Game Tabletop Arcade Machine - I was expecting to be Pleasantly Surprised. When My Family and I opened the Box, We were Blown away! Whilst waiting for the Delivery, I had been Reflecting Nostalgically about when I looked forward to Playing Space Invaders and PAC-Man on the Original Arcade Machines at the Local Milk Bar each afternoon after School Three Decades ago. There is No Comparison! The Advanced Hi Tech Quality and Presentation of the New Modern Version delivers all of the Fun of the past in conjunction with all of the Advantages that Stem from Technological evolution over Time. This Arcade Machine is very much Family Oriented and has taken Pride of Place in our Lounge Room. The Standout Fundamental Feature of this Machine is that because You are actually Sitting at the Game facing your opponent - It gives you the feeling that you are more actively a part of the Game you are Playing rather than being a distant Player in the background. I must Say that My Two Boys Peter and Lee get Loads of Satisfaction and take Great Pleasure in Beating Dads Hard Earned High Scores! L.O.L. Another unforeseen bonus has been that when Visitors arrive with their Kids in Tow - They are No Longer "Under our Feet" So to Speak, which allows us to have an uninterrupted "BIG PEOPLE CHAT" My Wife and I Quickly Learned that some Ground Rules such as Sharing right at the Start ensures that a Pleasant and Fun Time is had by all. In closing, I will Say that with "SIXTY" Games at our Disposal - This will Equate to many, many Hours of Gaming Pleasure well into the Future.
My Family and I would Like to Convey our Heartfelt Thanks to the wonderful People at "BUMPER ACTION" for their Professionalism and Generosity in Giving us this Opportunity to Review their Outstanding Product.