1 x Teeter Inversion Table

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About The Product

Teeter Hang Ups are the world leading manufacturer of inversion tables – natural relief of back pain and joint health is a step closer for all Australians with just a few minutes a day on a Teeter inversion table. Inversion uses gravity to naturally decompress the spine, allowing the vertebrae to re-hydrate, reducing nerve pressure, re-aligning the body, relaxing tense muscles, and aiding circulation and blood flow.

For over 30 years now, Teeter have led the market in quality and innovation, with patented features including Ergonomic Flex Technology, Ankle Comfort Dial and Ergo-Embrace Ankle System, all ensuring maximum comfort and most importantly safety – Teeter are the only manufacturer carrying the Underwriter’s Laboratory safety certification, UL 1647.

All tables come 85% pre-assembled, with a laminated Owner’s Manual attached, an instructional DVD to guide you through assembly and use, plus a bonus DVD including five, 10-20 minute exercise and stretching Healthy Back Classes.

Achieve a ‘Better Back, Better Body’ with Teeter Hang Ups.

Product Reviews

Sarah , Frankston North VIC


The inversion table was easy to set up. I had the help of one other person and it was completely assembled after about 15 minutes. The instruction manual was a helpful guide.
I find this table easy to use and I really like that it is easy to change the height so it can be used by many people of different height and weight.
The dvd that came with it was informative and interesting and over time I know I will master the technique as I find it very relaxing and my body feels great after using it.
Recently I have had a friend use it who suffers from back problems and he said that once he was upside down he felt no pain. This is the best he has felt in months. He now comes over to use it on a regular basis and is considering purchasing one for himself!
A great product!!