1 x Stylish marguerite doré® Dining Set

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About The Product

It is easy to impress with marguerite doré® high quality, glass plates, platters and Showplates, giving your guest an awesome experience.

Introducing a new world-class range of handmade glass dining-ware from Australian designer Marguerite Dore.

These breathtaking glass dining-ware come in designs inspired by Australia’s natural icons and a range of colours to complement and enhance your food.

Marguerite decided the design names as she created each individual range. She reflected on what these words meant and how they blend into her life and her love of glass.

The range is 100% Australian made and owned and are colourful, highly functional, dishwasher friendly and extremely durable, these plates were made to be used. It is theatrical, versatile and for the first time allows chefs and creative home cooks the opportunity to use the plate as a canvas.

Glass enhances the presentation of your food with its luster and versatility allowing you to be able to reach new heights, dining with marguerite doré®

marguerite doré glass dining-ware can be purchase on-line at www.margueritedore.com.au

Product Reviews

John674, Kanmantoo SA


The dining set arrived looking stylish and modern. Perfect for a wedding present or house warming gift, the packaging was stunning.
We used the plates for regular dinners, and also for dinner parties. Where they recieved great comments from our guests.
They are dish washer safe and each plate is unique, a real piece of art. We also ventured onto their website and had a look at the wide range of styles and colours they can be sellected in. All friends and family that have seen the product have asked where they have come from, and have commented on how unique and beautiful they are.