1 x Style Revitalised Package with an Australian Style Institute Stylist

About The Product

This product review includes a style consultation in which you will learn about what your style is, based on answering a range of questions related to who you are today and your lifestyle.

This will be followed by a 2 hour shopping session where you will learn what styles and colours look great on you and the art of illusion dressing*.

We will create a new look and style irrespective of budget. An Australian Style Institute Stylist will help create a new look and style in just 2 hours - go to www.australianstyleinstitute.com.au

*shopping money not supplied.

Product Reviews

Janelle438, Greensboroug VIC


The Australian Style Institute "Style Revitalised Package" was a fantastic experience and one that I will do again and would highly recommend.
My stylist was Mikyla, who promptly contacted me to introduce herself and get the ball rolling. She was very professional and personable. We discussed what I wanted to get out of my experience and organised a time to meet for the initial style consultation. During the consultation we discussed what I wanted to achieve with my style, what my style was, the practicalities such as work, children, budget etc... Mikyla was very prepared and brought magazines with her for us to look at and discuss what styles I liked and why. She made me feel very comfortable and really cared about and listened to my opinions.
The 2hr shopping trip was to Doncaster Westfield. Mikyla, again being very organised, met me on time and had already scouted the shops for suitable outfits. I was looking for everyday and work wear. She worked within my budget and took me to stores that I had indicated that I liked along with a new one I hadn't looked at. She encouraged me to try on styles that I hadn't considered before but didn't push me to wear or buy anything that made me feel uncomfortable. We had a fantastic time. We discussed how to choose clothes that fit correctly, what styles suit my body shape, what colours to wear, how to style an outfit with accessories /shoes and she really gave me the confidence to venture out and start shopping on my own.
I really had no idea where to start with updating my style and Mikyla and The Australian Style Institute really helped me. It was also a time saver- being a Mum I have very little time to wander the shops and it was great having someone scout for me. I will definitely use their services again and thoroughly recommend them.
Thank-you so much. This experience has honestly given me confidence with my style choices.