1 x Steelcraft Strider Compact Pram valued at $1297!

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About The Product

More lightweight and smaller than ever before, the Strider Compact from leading nursery travel system brand, Steelcraft, provides busy parents with the perfect travel solution.

Manoeuvring tight shopping aisles and doorframes will be a breeze with the leaner Strider Compact’s rear wheels measuring only 62.5cm in width. In addition, the Strider Compact is 2kg lighter than the previous Strider Plus design.

Your precious passengers will travel in smooth comfort with the Strider Compact’s new ‘dual bearing’ rear wheels. Plus, the front lockable swivel wheels provide confidence over rough terrain and the quick release wheels have a one-touch brake.

Rain, hail or shine your bub will be shielded from the elements with the Strider Compact’s full PVC Storm Cover and 99% UBV protection Sun Shade.

The Strider Compact offers an array of accessories that can be fitted to the stroller, making it Steelcraft’s most flexible design to date. Accessories include the:

Strider Compact Second Seat (RRP $169.00)

The Strider Compact Second Seat can accommodate up to 17kgs and has a three position reclining seat.

Steelcraft Infant Carrier (RRP $329.00)

The Strider Compact can accommodate up to two Steelcraft Infant Carriers in either the top or bottom seating positions.

The new Strider Compact is available in Red, Black, Shell or Forest. For further information and stockist details visit www.stridercompact.com.au or www.britax.com.au

Product Reviews

Kehly, Riverwood NSW


Having used the Strider Compact for the last few weeks, we are quite pleased with the performance!

We have used it with our 14-month-old son and he has been quite happy in it. We have also tried the double pram option with my 3-month-old nephew and my 3-year-old niece, who insisted she had to "have a go too" - she was thrilled to share a pram ride with her favourite cousin.

Ours is the base black, so it goes with anything and even more importantly, hides the dirt that comes with a very active toddler. We have found it easy to clean and have had no major mishaps that couldn't be solved with a wet washer or baby wipes.

One of our favourite features has been the adjustable footrest. Our little boy is rather petite so his feet dangle on our usual pram, it has been nice for him to have something firm to place them on. Meanwhile, we could easily readjust it when the aforementioned cousin was in the Compact. The harness is also adjustable, with the waist, crotch and shoulder straps adjustable to suit each of the three children so that it didn't slide off their shoulders.
My particular favourite though, was that we could reverse the seat so that our son could face us. From roughly 6 months, he has been facing away from us in his normal pram. This way he can see us and we can see him, especially as he sees and interacts with the world around him.

We also loved the extendable canopy which protects him nicely on walks from the sun. It gives him that little bit of extra cover without using the UV sun shade. The onboard storage is ample, plenty of room for shopping. We have been walking over to the local shops with the Compact and been getting milk, bread, vegetables and other groceries. It's been perfect for that. It goes great in supermarket aisles, no problems getting through checkouts at several major supermarkets!

The thing I have noticed the most is the handling - I have gone from a 3 wheeler to one with 4 wheels. I run with my 3 wheel stroller in races as well as train, so I don't feel the Strider Compact could handle all terrains and fast paces as easily as our other pram. That being said, it has put up with everything we have thrown at it, just at a different pace to what we are used to. It is fine in sand, on grass such as going to parks, running along paths, sealed roads and gravel.

Our car is a Hyundai i30 hatchback and we had no difficulty fitting the pram into the boot, we are used to losing our boot entirely to a pram, so it has been nice being able to use it for things like shopping as well. The other bonus is that it is a lot lighter than most prams - just 12kg for the frame and main seat - so getting it in and out of the car isn't difficult at all, likewise with folding. It folds with the second seat attached which is great if you don't have time to fiddle with the pram whilst wrangling toddlers! Folding the pram and back up again is also extremely easy, with a handy safety clip to lock it together when folded up.

Overall, this pram is a fantastic choice if you've got 1-2 children or one on the way. It works from birth upwards and we love that we can use it for 1 or 2 children, regardless of their ages, such as with my 3-month-old nephew and my son. It's light and durable, handling well on most terrain and the extendable handle is great for taller partners and carers.