1 x Silverz925 Jewellery Set

About The Product

Silverz925 authentic Jewelry collection is unique blending old world character (Byzantine, Ottoman era) with modern glamor.

This collection includes semi precious gemstones, various enamel detailing influenced by the wall artwork in the Topkapi palaces (Istanbul) where the Sultans, Queens and Princesses resided in the 16th century.

Ruby, emerald, agate, sapphire, onyx and many other exquisite semi precious gemstones, have their own representation of benefits and uses ranging from creating positive change and enriching the wearer’s life with good fortune and happiness. Available in a variety of colors, each one of these delicate pieces works equally well with casual daytime wear or elegant evening attire. Embrace the beauty of the past in the present with a piece from this special artisan jewelry collection.

Turkey has been home to many great civilizations and empires (Byzantine ,Ottoman), and this rich history is reflected in the jewelry we see today, as many jewelry designers draw on this history for their inspiration All products are 100% genuine and are manufactured in Turkey. We aim to produce collections and individual pieces that are unique, luxurious and exclusive yet which come at very affordable prices. The high quality of design and superb levels of craftsmanship will ensure that these pieces will remain timeless. www.silverz925.com

Product Reviews

Lainie15, Hope Island QLD


Very well made product, secure clasps, unique, really like this jewellery set.