1 x Shoal Bay Glory Print

About The Product

Stunning glass prints by John Lechner Fine Art Prints feature images from Australia and around the world.

The prints have no frame and carry no visible mounts so they give the impression of floating freely on the wall. Perfect for any office or home seeking a modern look.

Available in a variety of sizes and shapes up to the breathtaking 2.2 x1.1m these glass prints can be shipped Australia and worldwide.

Order your beautiful glass print from John Lechner Fine Art Prints today at jlart.com.au/glass


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Product Reviews

Michael1074, Deebing Heights QLD


We received an Email from John confirming the address for shipment of the picture 'Shoal Bay Glory' and it was delivered within a few days.

When my husband and I opened the we were blown away at the quality of photograph and brightness of the colours. We chose to hang the picture on a large empty wall on a landing of some stairs where its impact was immediate. What was once a dull wall was instantly transformed into something vibrant. The picture, being frameless, saved all the hassle usually associated with matching the frame to the room decor. I also believe that not having the frame made matching the size of the picture to the wall irrelevant, I think you could easily hang it anywhere and it wouldn't look out of place. The system used to hang the picture is something I had never seen before but was very easy to for my husband to install and was much more secure than the picture hooks that we had always used in the past. No worries about a crash in the night.

The picture is a quality addition to our home, it is bright and exiting compared to the 'rainforest' pictures we have had in the past. Its brightens up the room without being overwealming and has already become a talking point when we have friends visit.

The photo setting of Shoal Bay is a long distance from our home west of Brisbane but it is now somewhere I would like to visit at some time in the future.