1 x Regal Contour Lumbar Support Mattress

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About The Product

Corrective/Ergonomic support in the lumbar zone on each side of the bed.

Regal Contour Lumbar Support Mattress from Beds for BacksĀ° provides a cost effective option for Corrective and tailored Back Support. You control the level of support for your lumbar/lower back region for optimal support, comfort and pain relief. This optional feature is unique to Beds for BacksĀ° and adds is an simple dimension to real and proven back, hip and shoulder support.

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Product Reviews

Julian18, Box Hill Sth VIC


We are divided in my household regarding this mattress. My wife loves it - she says it gives her good support while being lovely and soft. I think it's a bit too soft though - I think I need a firmer mattress for my back. It is a great mattress for winter because it seems to keep the heat in better than an ordinary mattress. Not sure how it will fare in summer though - might get a bit too toasty!