1 x Personal Art Portrait

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About The Product

Personal children’s portrait created from your photographs from Melbourne based art company; Personal Art.

Transform photos of your children into magical pieces of personal art. Inspiration is taken from your child’s favourite stories, fairy tales, animals, colours or even cartoon characters. This portrait technique captures your child’s innocence with a captivating artistic twist. A beautiful art gift transforming your children’s photos to art. Something to treasure forever and remind you of how cute and small they once were.

Once you submit the photo, Personal Art will be in touch to create a design brief. Once this is complete you will receive a first draft within 5 days. Your feedback will be taken and we will then work to the final image. Once you approve the final design we will send it to print and the artwork will be delivered directly to your door. The whole process takes 4 weeks.


Product Reviews

BJones, Beeliar WA


I'm the first to admit that I'm not a very good photographer and it was difficult to capture a perfect quality natural photo of my 3 very hyperactive children, so I chose a professional favourite to submit to be transformed into Persaonal Art.

Personal Arts Laura Fowler was beyond helpful through the creative process of personalising this beautiful photo.

The end product was so much more than I could of imagined! It was a perfect recreation of the original photo including a complimentary colour scheme and personal touches that represent each of my gorgeous children. This portrait is hung above our bed and has added that extra special touch to our bedroom.

If you are looking for something a little bit different to capture a special moment then I highly recommend Personal Art. Laura was a delight to work with and I look forward to purchasing a Personal Art portrait in the future.