1 x New Deck for one winner using Handi Blocks

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About The Product

Handi Blocks are instant foundation blocks which are ideal for creating both professional and DIY projects. Handi Blocks are Australian-made from Evo-Crete, an ultra-lightweight concrete alternative, with each block weighing approximately eight kilograms. They are three times lighter than standard concrete with a proprietary blend of fibre reinforcing, adding strength and durability.

Ready-to-use Handi Blocks are an extremely popular alternative to digging holes, mixing concrete and waiting for it to set. As a versatile utility block, the options are endless for how you can use them. They are a popular multi-purpose foundation for a range of home improvement projects including decks, garden sheds, landings, pathways, raised walkways, cubby houses, dog shelters and more.

Being made of Evo-Crete, Handi Blocks are strong, lightweight and pliable. Their lightweight nature means they make your next project safe, easy and quick to complete. Handi Blocks can be cut with a standard handsaw and they won’t crack if you need to drill or screw into them.

With Handi Blocks, Evolve have created the One Hour Deck, building a 3x3m deck with two people in under an hour. To view the One Hour Deck visit click here http://youtu.be/BP5tF9FadVI.


1 prize winner receives 21 Handi Blocks and $900 Bunnings voucher, allowing them to build a 3mx3m low level deck.

User needs all tools. Evolve will be available to help with advice for best installation and products needed for their yard and setup.

Approximate equipment to be purchased with voucher:

Merbau Decking $522.90

11x 3m Treated Pine 90*45mm Joists $160.05

1x 2.7m Treated Pine 90*90 Post $33.60

Pack 500x 8G 50mm Decking Screws $60.00

Pack 50x 100mm Batten Screws $17.74


Product Reviews

asilcim, Yeronga QLD


We had a difficult location to build on - a large concrete block covering an old septic tank plus it was on gentle sloping land. I first thought the Handi Blocks would not be a suitable product to use but as it turned out they were perfect for the site and saved us oodles of time and money!
Using the blocks requires no digging, just lay them down and presto, foundations. We had a space between the wall and the septic tank cover that didn't allow a full Handi Block to fit in but the Handi Blocks cut easily, very easily with a saw. The foundations were down in less than 1/2 hour and ready to be built on.
Due to the sloping land we needed to level the deck by placing upright posts into the Handi Blocks, this was very simple to do. Then it was just a matter of laying the joists and decking timber.
We opted for a split level deck plus with having to deal with the additional cutting of timber for the uprights it did, of course, take longer than an hour however not having to dig and cement in footings saved us an incredible amount of time plus it allowed us to build in an area that we would otherwise not been able to.
We were very impressed with the product - easy to use, lightweight, durable and affordable!