1 x LifeSpring Slow Juicer

About The Product

The LifeSpring Juicer is a revolutionary, state-of-the-art slow juicer - the next generation of cold press juicers. The LifeSpring maximises nutrient extraction and retains juice quality and taste for much longer than other types of juicers. 

Integrating the latest technology in juicing, the LifeSpring extracts more nutrients and a higher yield of juice from fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. Thanks to its new method of juicing, it can juice fibrous and hard vegetables such as celery and leafy greens much better than its predecessors.

Juicing now is even easier with the LifeSpring’s automatic reverse rotation function. If you happen to have overfed your juicer or something gets stuck, the LifeSpring goes into reverse automatically to unclog the drum. Once cleared, it will resume normal mode and continue juicing. There’s no need for you to stop and intervene when this happens.

And with a handy pre-clean function, washing up after juicing is quick and easy. Simply pour water into the juicer and press the start button to quickly flush the juicer between juices or before thorough cleaning. With only a few parts to clean and no sharp edges, even a young child can wash the LifeSpring.

Made with BPA-free materials and a strong AC motor, the Lifespring is safer and much more durable than your average cold press juicer. 


Product Reviews

Julie614, Lalor Park NSW


I have been using the LifeSpring's Juicer for few weeks now and have found it to be the best I have every used. It is easy to clean and leaves very little waste.
With the tips in the booklet I even used the waste from the juice in muffins and this made great tasting muffins.
It's compact, quick for a slow juicer and delivers best quality juice, just like the store bought juices.

The only 2 things I would like to see is a better booklet with more juice options and it came with a tofu cage but no instructions in the booklet.