1 x Jetsteam Tosca Cleaner

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About The Product

With homes getting bigger and lifestyles getting busier, many are after one cleaning machine that caters to all domestic cleaning jobs and one that gets the job done at the highest standard. People don't want numerous amounts of cleaning products cluttering up their cupboards and want to clean fast yet effective.

The "Jetsteam Tosca" is not a typical cleaning machine that is purchased at your local shopping centre, but is ordered directly from national cleaning equipment distributor, Duplex Cleaning Machines. The technology of the "Jetsteam Tosca" provides the results of a heavy-duty commercial cleaning machine, but in a compact, versatile and easy to transport design for domestic purposes.

It is used for the cleaning of bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, fridges, ovens, toilets, beds, upholstery, tiles, carpets, windows and more.

Valued at $1,419, the key benefits of the Jetsteam Tosca are:

• Very Easy to Use

• 24x7 Continuous Steam

• Compact Design: Easy storage, only slightly larger than a football

• Versatile Accessories: Designed for many functions

• Powerful Steam: 155 degree Celsius steam – kills all bacteria

Visit www.duplexcleaning.com.au or call our toll free number on 1800 622 770 to order your own Jetsteam Tosca or to book in a demonstration.

Product Reviews

price32, Carramar WA


Before i used the product i wanted to use the elearning to ensure i used this properly. The elearning website was not easy to use because you kept having to scroll left and right to look at the full page it would be better to be on a whole page, but it was very helpful.

The elearning instructions were easy to follow.

The product was quick and easy to set up and took about 4 mins to heat up.
I used it to clean my bathrooms and tiles which came up really well. I also used it on my toilets and again it worked really well.

But i was most impressed with how it cleaned my kitchen and oven in works really well on the stainless steel.

I would recommend wearing some old clothes that are loose and cool as you do get very hot and youll find bits spray off when you are using the lance.

I dont think its something i would use every week but i think for a good deep clean in the home maybe monthly .