1 x GPO Attache Bundle in Sky Blue

About The Product

Every vinyl collection needs a quality turntable and a stylish place to keep your records. This GPO Bundle is the perfect starter pack and includes a 3 speed record player featuring built-in twin speakers and a classy record case to store your vinyl in style.

The record player also includes the ability to record to USB which means you can transfer your vinyl collection to digital format. It can also be connected to external speakers so that you can enjoy the sound through your existing entertainment set up.

The beautiful record case features an inner velvet lining to protect your precious vinyl. This is the perfect bundle for the music enthusiast.

Product Reviews

Christine405, Greystanes NSW


The GPO Attache will put a smile on the face of anyone who has ever owned a record collection. Especially if that record collection is currently just gathering dust at the back of the garage like mine was.
I was surprisingly impressed by the sound quality of this record player compared to previous record players I have owned, although I should have expected it as technology has advanced in the past 30 years since my last portable record player broke.
The unit is lightweight so can be taken to parties and as part of the bundle there is a matching box to store and transport your records.
It comes with a user booklet rather than a user manual so you don’t have to read pages of information before you can start having fun.
An added bonus is being able to convert records to digital format via a USB stick that comes with the player.
This would make a great present for anyone from the “Vinyl Age”.