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About The Product

Catherine Manuell Design is famous for their vibrantly colourful range of travel accessories and bags. Their collections are lavishly overflowing with visually striking graphics, eclectic and detailed textures. It’s the union of simple, classic lines of the tailoring and the detailed textures and vibrant colours that make these pieces such desired masterpieces and smart investment pieces that make you stand out from the crowd.

Fashionable and functional, CMD collections include handbags, day bags, purses wallets and cases, travel sets, executive pieces and scarves. Popular all over the world, Catherine Manuell Design is also a favourite of the famous, the hard working, frequent travellers, lovers of art and in fact everyone who appreciates the art of going places!

Our products can be viewed on our website www.catherinemanuelldesign.com

Product Reviews

Samantha, Lindfield NSW


Oh Wow! This luggage set is a stunner! It holds everything you could ever need for a getaway and the travel accessory set compliments it so well. The amount of people asking me the brand and where I bought it was unbelievable. The cute little beauty case on top was big enough to hold every piece of my travel beauty accessories along with the ever important travel necessity, ipod/ipad/portable dvd player. I would recommend anyone out there looking for a stylish way to travel to go ahead and purchase this gorgeous set and just hold on for the public attention :)
Thank you LifeStyle you for this amazing product!!!