1 x Fabulous Fifties SUITSUITCASES Set

About The Product

The Fabulous Fifties collection is inspired by the beautiful retro shapes and colours. The Fabulous Fifties SUITSUITCASES come in three unique pastel colours which were extremely popular in the 1950’s and will be again this summer! The SUITSUITCASES have a different shape than the other suitcases by SUITSUIT. These SUITSUITCASES come with a chrome SUITSUIT logo on the front, with crème white details and a fully crème white fitted interior. We have included a matching toilet bag and a special shoe-bag to finish this luxurious set off.

Product Reviews

2minnoodle, Port Pirie SA


Love the look of the 50's inspired suitcase, Very smart, great pastel colours, not hard to find my bag on the carousel. I really like the designed suitsuit covers available on the website to personalize your suitcase, great designs to make your bag look funky and modern. Casing not as hard as it looks and is flexible, very light weight, allowing for extra bag contents. The Hinomoto wheels, just love them, makes so easy to maneuver under weight in and out of tight spots. For someone who has had their baggage lost in transit the Turtletrace feature is a must and what a great idea, just a matter of sticking the label on your suitcase, registering online and your case is instantly traceable. Another great feature is the TSA lock, it attaches to the zipper with a 3 number code of your own, there is also a key entry on this lock (key does not come with this) the suitsuit case can only be opened by security that have the special tool for opening luggage for inspection.. Also comes with 10yr warranty. Makes for exciting travelling.