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About The Product

Introducing the Bugaboo Donkey – the first mono-duo-mono convertible stroller for kid(s) and goods.

The Bugaboo Donkey has been designed to meet two key parental needs: increased storage space and the option to convert to a duo stroller for parents with two young children of different ages or twins.

The Bugaboo Donkey can easily – in three clicks - be converted from a full-sized mono stroller to a full-sized side-by-side duo stroller and back again. This makes it suitable for your first child, your second child, or both and for twins.

Also, the greatly increased and flexible storage space –including an expandable side luggage basket and underseat basket - allow parents to carry all the goods they may need while on the go.

Continuous innovation and quality are essential to Bugaboo and the Bugaboo Donkey has all the company’s signature features including a smooth ride, comfort for your child and an iconic design. Designed to grow with your family, parents will no longer need to automatically purchase another stroller on the birth of their second child.

Product Reviews

Lol707, Templestowe VIC


We love the Bugaboo Donkey Mono. My daughter is 2 years old and loves riding in it. She has plenty of room in the seat and likes using the attached shopping basket to store and easily reach her toys, which leaves the large under basket storage area clear for any shopping or items i need to put in it.

The seat can be reclined easily with one hand while you are on the go for nap time, and the sun canopy extends down to provide great coverage for your baby, especially when they are sleeping. You can also reverse the seat in 2 seconds if you want to switch from baby looking at you to baby looking at the world.

At first glance, it looks wide, but in mono mode it is no wider than the Bugaboo Cameleon, so getting through doors and navigating around racks in stores is not a problem.

The pram folds down when you push two levers simultaneously and easily fits into the boot of our car along with our grocery shopping. The Donkey is slightly heavier than some single prams, but it is also a double pram, so that should be expected. Having said that, I don't have any problems lifting it up into the back of the car. I think I would be worried if there wasn't slightly more weight to it because I wouldn't want to put my kids into a flimsy pram.

Having used the pram both indoors and out, I can tell you that the steering is fantastic and you can easily steer it with just one hand. The adjustable handlebar also extends out quite high, which makes it more comfortable for my tall husband to push, and also retracts low enough for older siblings that might want to help push the pram.

Whilst I only have 1 child at the moment and have only used the Donkey in its Mono mode, I have of course had a go at extending the pram out to its Duo mode and it was ridiculously easy.

Overall, we are loving the Bugaboo Donkey (or as my husband calls it, our optimus prime transformer pram) it's a smart, incredibly flexible and user friendly choice for any family.