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About The Product

Brainy Child Education are excited to be giving away Multi Award Winning in-home early learning programs; Little Reader, Little Math and Little Musician in-home early learning programs.

• The programs are suitable for teaching literacy, numeracy and music to children aged from 4 months to 6 years.

• The programs come with lifetime support (with no ongoing fees), and 12 months of preplanned 5 to 10 minutes daily lessons.

• The programs use Flash and Right Brain teaching methods (based upon 40 years of research by Dr Glenn Doman and Professor Makoto Shichida), and Multisensory and Pattern Phonics Teaching Methods.

• The programs are proven to work and have been endorsed by early learning experts and teachers.

• Testimonials and videos of children who have used the programs can be found on Brainy Child Education website

• Brainy Child Education provides a 100% satisfaction guaranteed that the programs will give your child a head start in literacy, numeracy and music!

Click the links below to learn about each individual multi award winning Early Learning Program

Little Reader Deluxe RRP $249 www.brainychild.com.au/what-little-reader-deluxe-set-includes

Little Math RRP $169 www.brainychild.com.au/little-math

Little Musician RRP $199 www.brainychild.com.au/little-musician Chinese Content for Little Reader RRP $119 (http://www.brainychild.com.au/chinese-content-for-little-reader.html)

For more information visit our website www.brainychild.com.au

Product Reviews

Anna, Peakhurst Heights NSW


The BrillKids Brainy child Education package arrived & I was pleasantly surprise with how many resources came, both with the software, books and information etc.
I have a wonderfully curious 6 month old son who enjoys every lesson that we do daily. All lessons are a great time length lasting approximately 5 – 10minutes. They are clear, concise and interactive tutorials with interesting topics for the child.
Little Reader is fantastic in how it progresses from very basic to slowly adding items as the child discovers more and more. I enjoy the different segments, in particular the multisensory and the games segments.
Little Maths lessons progress in a tailor made manner for the child and gives a variety of interpretations. It is a great start to any child’s journey of learning about mathematics.
Little Musician is incredibly fun and I can see in my child eyes that he enjoys the pictures and the music. Our favourite part is the interactive clap-along to childhood classics. It really feels like I am spending valuable and quality time with my child as well as educating him at the same time.
Although my child is young, I have no doubt that he is getting so much out of it already. We choose a time during the day when I know he will be interested and hold his concentration span for the whole lesson. Clearly spoken, brightly coloured and using a variety of illustrations, photos, videos – it is definitely an advantageous & beneficial education program for any child.
As a parent, I am excited to continue using the program as my child grows and to witness how he absorbs and learns.
With the Brainy child Education program, I am confident I am giving my child the best start in life!