1 x BRAINY CHILD EDUCATION Early Learning Program Set

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About The Product

Brainy Child Education are excited to be giving away Multi Award Winning Early Learning programs; Little Reader, Little Math and Little Musician in-home programs.

  • The programs are suitable for teaching literacy, numeracy and music to children aged from 4 months to 6 years.
  • The programs come with lifetime support (with no ongoing fees), and 12 months of preplanned 5 to 10 minutes daily lessons.
  • The programs use Flash and Right Brain teaching methods (based upon 40 years of research by Dr Glenn Doman and Professor Makoto Shichida), and Multisensory and Pattern Phonics Teaching Methods.
  • The programs are proven to work and have been endorsed by early learning experts and teachers.
  • Testimonials and videos of children who have used the programs can be found on Brainy Child Education website
  • Brainy Child Education provides a 100% satisfaction guaranteed that the programs will give your child a head start in literacy, numeracy and music!

Click the links below to learn about each individual multi award winning Early Learning Program

Little Reader Deluxe RRP $249 (http://www.brainychild.com.au/#!little-reader-system-why-is-it/c2ws)

Little Math RRP $169 (http://www.brainychild.com.au/#!little-math-/c10vy)

Little Musician RRP $199 (http://www.brainychild.com.au/#!little-musician/cq8)

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