1 x Balans Vita Kneeling Posture Chair

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About The Product

Saddle seats were designed as an answer to problems associated with sitting in regular chairs, primarily by creating an “open” hip angle, i.e. the angle between torso and legs is greater than 90°. An open hip angle eases breathing giving the seated person higher oxygen content in the blood. Thus, it is easier to stay awake, gives a better feeling of well-being, and helps the body be aligned along a vertical line through the body’s centre of gravity. A person seated in this way has to maintain their balance actively, i.e. with small movements of the muscles.

The chairs benefits include:

• New "balanced" seat design encourages a neutral posture

• Stimulates, activates your own balance and your inner support back muscles

• It is good for your neck, shoulders and back

• Your stomach, blood vessels and lymphatic system love it, as you are breathing more freely

• Oxygen, energy and concentration increase

• Releases vein pressure and increases your blood circulation

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Product Reviews

leesah8293, Salisbury East SA


i was so happy to receive it! both me and my hubby were getting sore backs sitting on out old computer seat. it was a little weird to get on the first time but once i got use to it i loved it. i would recommended it to anyone who uses their computer more than 30 minutes a day.