What's in a Squid Jig?

Here are some key factors to making a successful squiding trip:

1.Finding good ground

The southern calamari squid is an inshore species that uses its amazing camouflaging skin to blend into surrounding rock and weed. Therefore you’ll find them where there are rocks and weed! Casting over sand in most cases will result in poor catch rates.

2.Using good jigs

A good quality jig is invaluable. Spending from$20 - $35 on a jig will see you with a top notch jig that will have all the right attributes; such as – sharp hooks, correct sinking angle, good body colours, strong connection points and good sizes and weight ranging.

3.Using scent
Scenting your jigs is the second most important thing you can do to help catch more squid (first being buying a good jig). There are a few to chose from such as EgiMax, UV Make-Up and or alternatively, you can buy a Berkley jig that has a body cover that’s made from PowerBait and is already full of fish feeding stimulant!

4.Using braid

Braid or PE line is accentual when squiding because of its lack of stretch you can make your jig action work better and feeling (or seeing) the subtle grabs from the fish is made much easier because of braids visibility.

5.Skinny leaders

Using a thin leader line from your jig to your braid (2-3m) will get you more grabs. Squid have fantastic eye sight and can see everything so using as skinny a line as you dare is the go! Making this leader line out of fluorocarbon will only increase your chances because fluorocarbon line has the same light refracting index as water making is virtually invisible.

6.The right rod

Using an Egi rod (squid jig rod) makes life so much sweeter. The overall action of the Egi rod is much different to that of a normal rod. They are stiffer in the tip to help work your jigs and the overall action of the rod is parabolic so you don’t tear out the thin hook from the squids tentacles. All that and they look really cool!!
Hopefully these tips will help you further your ambitions to become a better squider.

Once you get a few under your belt you won’t look back!

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