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The Venom Series of rods represents modern Australian sports fishing at a time when the humble fishing rod is needed to cast further and fight harder then ever before. All 12 of these rods have been extensively tested and re-worked to fit the riggers of sports anglers’ country wide.

Venom rods are the brain child of well known angler Adam Royter and have been extensively tested for 12 mouths around the country. Adam has a long history with custom rod building and rod & blank design. Using Adam’s ability to forecast new fishing styles, this range of rods is the most up to date ever released in this country.

The technical aspect of these rods is nothing short of brilliant. Working closely with material suppliers and end manufactures, Adam and the R&D division for Berkley Australia have spliced together some of the most advanced blank manufacturing processes ever devised and applied the world’s best components.


FlowBrace – The most technically advanced graphite binding agent ever designed. It’s this material that allows your rod to remain ultra-light and still durable enough to withstand accidental knocks. The highly modified graphite prepreg is consistently saturated to form a strong bond and alleviate floors in manufacture.

Dynamic Fibre – 55 million modulus graphite fibres combine to create one of the most responsive and powerful blanks ever. Graphite of this calibre is super high tensile and will reacte instantly with any movement. These rods are lighter, faster and more sensitive than anything else out there!

Sensor Grip – Super high density EVA which is lighter and more sensitive than cork and is 50% more durable. This grip material will give you more control over your casting and allow you to feel everything that goes on down the line.

Titanium Sic – Fuji is the world’s premier producer of fishing rod components and there Titanium framed Silicon Carbide guides are no exception. The Titanium frames are completely impervious to saltwater and will never rust no matter what you do to them. The frames are also much lighter weight then standard stainless steel frames, up to 35%! This weight reduction increases castability and sensitivity of the rod. Also have Fuji’s slickest ring inserts you would believe how much further you’ll cast!

The Venom Series – Rod by Rod

Blood Python – This is a classic ultra-light spin rod that was purposely designed to run hard bodies and cast unweighted plastics. The parabolic curve of this rod allows the fish to take the lure without the hooks being sprung out of its mouth by a tip that’s top stiff, resulting in a solid hook up.

Mexican Racer – Bream tournament anglers are going to love this rod. Using Adam’s knowledge of the sport, this rod has been create from the ground up to incorporate a light, fast tip and enough gut to stop the biggest bream without tearing out the hook! It’s also a little longer than most which will increase casting distance and help with hook setting and fish control.
Death Adder – Brought back from the Pro Tactic range because of its popularity, the 6010 has a graphite update and grip reconfigure. Making on of the most popular spin rods ever sold even more appealing!

Tiger – Bream tournament angling super star Scott Towner marked this rod as his favourite all-rounder so how could we not put it in! Scott’s aggressive cast and retrieve action suits this rod down to the ground. Its fast tip speed give flat and accurate casts and with its multi tapered action this rod will do almost anything; freshwater or salt!

Copperhead – It doesn’t matter what you want to catch, this rod can handle the pace! Still light enough to through a 1/16oz soft plastic but the Copperhead has what it takes in the bottom end to undo some of the biggest nasties around. If you fish for a broad range of species and want one rod to do the job, this is your rod!!

Black Mamba – Yet another taper taken from the Pro Tactic range, the 700H is the Jekyll & Hyde of the series. This is one of the lightest physical weight rods you can hold and one of the most powerful! Adopted by snapper plastics anglers throughout Aust. & N.Z. as the best of the best, this 7’ package is also a classic ‘up north’ spin stick. From Murray Cod to Long Tail Tuna, this rod will do it all.

King Brown – The King is an animal! Seriously, this rod is out of the box. If you like catching big things and I mean really big things on medium threadline tackle, then you must put one of these in your hands. You won’t believe the reserve power that’s hiding in this rod. Capable of casting 1oz out of sight, this rod is just the thing for people how love medium tackle sports fishing where all sorts of fish are available in all size categories.

Cobra – Did someone say Barra fishing? This rod gas been thoughtfully designed to help impoundment barra anglers get the most out of there time on the water. With a relatively light tip for casting lightly weighted plastics and more power then you could ever need for stopping them, this rod is the perfect mix of light and dark. But if you don’t do barra then this rod can also be used of a number of medium to heavy saltwater applications where sensitivity in the tip is needed but having bulk power on your side when things get out of control is essential!
Taipan – This is one serious piece of fishing equipment! Originally designed as a long range casting tool for big tuna, the Taipan has now been responsible for quite a few marlin captures with anglers pitching live baits. The Taipan is set to cast 100g perfectly but can go higher or lower if need be. The grip section is designed so it’s comfortable under your arm whilst you’re winding flat out but has enough length in the fore grip to apply an awesome amount of power to the fish.

Viper GT – This is the big whacking stick! An 8 – 12PE popping rod that has enough grunt to pull a man clean out of the boat! With a max drag rating of 26kg and at 7’6” this rod will give you the best of casting distance and of fish pulling power. With double over bound, MNST Sic Fuji guides and two piece butt section pull-out, this rod is right up there with some of the best popping rods ever made. After being tested by some of the best in the business and not receiving the samples back, we take it that they like them!! This is a ‘no muck around’ popping rod with all the right things in all the right places and best of all; it won’t set your wallet on fire.

Diamond Back – This rod breaks the mould of traditional baitcasters in the fact that it’s longer and has a crazy multi tapered design. Length is a baitcaster gives you so many more options and so much more versatility. From pumping out massively long casts in open water to trolling and even fighting fish, length is on your side. It also makes casting different lure weights & styles easier as the transfer of load and speed is more progressively managed through a longer blank. So if you’re a barra or cod angler and you’re looking for something different, look for the Diamond Back.

Sidewinder – This rod give you the versatility to catch anything from barra to bass and everything in between. A long style baitcaster that has surface bait and spinnerbait written all over it! The Sidewinder is light enough in the tip to feel everything that’s going on with your lure but retains enough power in the butt to bullock fish away from cover.

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