Fishing For Whiting In Australia

One of the most popular eating fish in the southern part of Oz and one of the tastiest fish to chew on, is crash tackling Gulp worms like it’s Christmas – somewhere near you! You just gotta get into to this action! By Adam Royter

I first thought about this when I first saw the prototype of the 6" Gulp Sand Worm many moons ago. It wasn't until a few years later that i got the chance to try it. 'Wham' right in the chops!! This works great!! Whiting shooting out of the water like rockets, straight into the esky (which is where they like it best....they do!...they told me). So how do you guys and girls get into a slice of this non-pippy fishing fun? Well let me tell you it couldn't be easier than if I did it for you, and brought the fillets around and cooked them up for dinner myself!

So just before I squeeze my noodle into gear and divulge, you need to have an understanding of where whiting live and what they are doing in the tidal sequence. No magic bullets, no packets of wonder worms and no, I'm not going fishing with you or cooking you dinner! So you pretty much still need to know how to put the boat where they are. The thing though about this type of bait fishing, is that it’s not just unusual and funny…but it actually works really, really well! Let’s look at the intricacies of how you'll go about it.

I've fished this way in 3m of water to 15m of water and found very little bite response difference between the two depths. So if you have a favourite whiting ground then this is where you'll do the damage!

The berley – again – is very important and you shouldn’t change anything you do normally to attack the whiting. If I could say something for Gulp itself, it seems to work very well by itself by creating it’s own berley trail. I remember once when we ran out of berley on a hot bite and the squid and pippies were very slow from then on…the Gulp Sand Worms kept us very busy indeed! Just goes to show that this fish feeding stimulant that self leeches out of these baits is very multi species.

In saying that also, if you fish areas where berley brings you in a lot of rubbish fish and you don't berley heavily, then this is a great technique for you too chose.

Once you’re set up in spot 'X' and your berley is deployed, you need to consider what colour and size worms you’re going to use. If the water has any colour in it then I would use Natural or New Penny or, in extremely coloured water or in the dark I use Nuclear Chicken (remembering that NC glows in the dark).

If the water is clear, then try Camo, Motor Oil and Blood Worm. As far as size goes - the deeper the water, the larger the worm. So in 3 to 9 meters I would use the 4" Fat Sand Worm and in water deeper than this I would use the 6" Sand Worm. The 2" is ok, but I've found much more success with the other two!

The rig is nothing out of control. It’s just your standard Patternoster Rig with one or two hooks. Now, I would certainly recommend 2 hooks for the simple reason that these worms are hard to get off the hook, so you very rarely loose a worm to a fish sucking it off the hook. So if you can catch two at once… well, bull for you old boy!!

Actually, the only way I've ever seen whiting get the worm off the hook is when you've got one on and its swimming around with the worm hanging outside it’s mouth (they spit it out pretty damn quick when the hook goes in) and another whiting grabs it and tears off in the other direction!!

Two different hook styles are generally used with this rig and you should already have one in the box. I use a size 4 or 6 (depending on brand) semi-circle hook for the sleeper rod (rod that you’re not holding or is in a rod holder) with the 6" Gulp Worm and specifically a Mustad Light Wire Worm Hook in size 8 for all my 4" Gulp Fat Sandworm fishing.

My set up on board is to have the larger worm with the circle hook in the rod holder and the 4" worm rod in my hand. Keep in mind that you don't set the hook on a circle hook, it sets itself! So putting this rod in the holder makes it easy to fish because once the fish is on, it’s not coming off and you can take your time getting to it.

I love this type of fishing because it’s fast action and you get to fill your fat guts at the end of the day with tasty fish (and some well earned beer). It’s not brain surgery, it’s just whiting fishing. Too many people think they are the best ever in the whole wide world because they can catch them.....negative! They’re just like you and me....well, you might have a small edge over them now you know about the worm…but we don't need to tell them that now do we!!!

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