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Casablanca is renowned for its ice cream parlours and traditional patisseries, enriching the country's passion for sweet tooth's treats with tongue-tickling delicacies.

Moroccan traditions encompass an afternoon coffee and snacks break that predominantly includes nuts or dried fruit-pastries and sweet bread, as well as mouth-watering honey or cinnamon desserts.



L’igloo is a popular ice cream parlour located within a short walking distance from the Ancienne Medina. Its ever-changing offering of flavours and its selection of light snacks and chilled beverages draws a major crowd.

Address: Boulevard du Janvier, Casablanca
Phone: +212 2 222 1524

Patisserie Bennis Habous

Patisserie Bennis Habous is a Moroccan-style patisserie provided with a wide choice of desserts, cakes, pastries and much more. These delicacies are all temptingly displayed and freshly baked in the morning.

Address: 2 Rue Fkih El Gabbas, Casablanca
Phone: +212 2230 3025

Glacier Oliveri

Glacier Oliveri is a well-established ice cream parlour and patisserie that creates wonderfully presented desserts and pastries, gaining popularity as one of Casablanca's favourites with its 50 years in business.

Address: 132, Avenue Hassan II, Casablanca
Phone: +212 5222-76075
Opening Hours: Daily: 8am-1am

Stella Ice Cream Parlour

Stella Ice Cream Parlour is an ice-cream parlour that will provide a refreshing respite from the hot summer sun with around 30 different flavours to choose from at any one time.

Address: Boulevard de la Corniche, Casablanca

Cafe M

At Cafe M, located at Place des Nations Unies, you will find a lovely menu accompanied by a great wine list. Its comprehensive selection of desserts encompasses sophisticated French delicacies that can be leisurely enjoyed at their terrace.

Address: Place des Nations Unies, Casablanca
Phone: +212 522 431278


At Amoud Patisserie you can sample pastries, ice cream, pralines and cakes made by expert bakers. The first Amoud café opened in 1982 at Boulevard Emile Zola in Casablanca, developing into a city landmark.

Address: 26 Boulevard Al Massira Al Khadra, Casablanca
Phone: +212 52239 0709

La Creperie Bretonne

At La Creperie Bretonne you can indulge in different types of crepes and appetizing fillings. You will certainly find at least one you like here as there are endless toppings you can choose from, ranging from cheese and tomato, to strawberry or chicken.

Address: 296, Boulevard Zerktouni, Casablanca
Phone: +212 5222 03875

Cafe Bianca

At the sophisticated Villa Blanca Hotel & Spa you can find Cafe Bianca. This beautiful café and its welcoming setting is perfect for lazy days. Here you can enjoy delicious drinks or tempting snacks while overlooking the ocean.

Address: Boulevard de la Corniche, Casablanca
Phone: +212 5223 97161
Opening Hours: Daily: 7.30am-10pm


SOJOU offers a healthy option among the endless dining opportunities in town. Here you will find salads as well as scrumptious desserts, like muffins and cookies, or fresh juices and natural products.

Address: 90, Rue Moussa Bnou Noussair, Casablanca
Phone: +212 5224 72200
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-8.30pm

Venezia Ice

If you have cravings for a refreshing smoothie, an ice cream or some fine pastry you can go to Venezia Ice. Here you can sit back and enjoy yourself while sipping on something delicious. Venezia Ice features many stores throughout Casablanca.

Address: 1, Boulevard Massira al Khadra, Casablanca

Lina's Beautiful Sandwich

At Lina's Beautiful Sandwich you can enjoy tasty sandwiches and other healthy options. Great sandwiches are Lina's Beautiful Sandwich’s specialties. To round off your meal you can also enjoy various sweet treats.

Address: 8 rue Hafid Ibrahim, Casablanca
Phone: +212 522 265 426
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10.30am-10.30pm. Sun 10.30am-5.30pm

Lou Café

Lou Café is located in the heart of Casablanca. You can come here for breakfast, lunch and dinner and try both international and Moroccan dishes.

Address: Boulevard Abdellatif Ben Kadour , Casablanca
Phone: +212 679 416 571
Opening Hours: Daily

Coffeeshop Company

At Coffeeshop Company you can sit down and relax with a good cup of coffee. Here you will find a great variety of both hot and cold drinks, ranging from hot chocolate to fresh juices, or you can satisfy your sweet tooth by sampling Moroccan delicacies.

Address: 9 Rue Ibnou Babek Quartier Racine, Casablanca
Phone: +212 5229 47547

Hap’s Cups

Hap's Cups offers great frozen yoghurt and ice cream with different toppings. Here you can also try a large ice cream macarons, waffles and fruit crepes.

Address: Rue Ibn Babek, Casablanca
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-11pm

Pause Déj

After a day of touring you might get hungry. At Pause Déj you can pause and enjoy a fresh, healty meal like a salad, sandwich, pasta dish, juice or fruit.

Address: 139, Rue Allal Ben Abdellah, Casablanca
Phone: +212 540 022 959

Caffè Vergnano 1882

Caffè Vergnano 1882 has a history dating back to 1882. This coffee chain can be found all over the world and offers delicious coffee in modern and stylish interiors, and in Casablanca it is spread into two floors and an outside seating area.

Address: Rue Attabari, Casablanca
Phone: +212 5222 57852
Opening Hours: Daily: 7am-10pm

Mood Café

If you are in the mood for hanging out with you friends while having a delightful lunch or dinner you can pop in to Mood Café. This cafeteria offers an innovative concept and great food like gourmet salads or homemade baked goods.

Address: 75, Rue Jean Jaurès, Casablanca
Phone: +212 522 470 345
Opening Hours: Daily 7am-10.30pm

Gossip Art Cafe

You can find Gossip Art Café in the heart of Casablanca. This stylish tea room is renowned for serving brunch and light lunches such as salads or sandwiches, providing with different sweet options as well as an extensive drink list.

Address: 1 rue du commissaire Ladeuil, Casablanca
Phone: +212 522 481 020
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm. Sat-Sun 12pm-4pm

Le Local

Le Local is a great place if you like coffee, live bands and food. At this unique Rock’N’Roll coffee shop you can enjoy great food, great company and great music all week long.

Address: Le Local Bourgogne Ouest, Maroc, 43 Boulevard Aïn Taoujtate, Casablanca
Phone: +212 522 276 433
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-11pm

Dolce & Caffe

Dolce & Caffe is a happening hangout that includes great ice creams and strong coffee among the other options. This is the perfect place to bring the children and to try some of the snacks and the fine patisserie on offer.

Address: 7 Rue Brahim Ibnou Adham, Casablanca
Phone: +212 522 981 337
More Info: Quartier Maarif

Segafredo CIL

The Italian coffee chain Segafredo has opened a stylish, concept-bar in Casablanca. At Segafredo CIL you can enjoy a good cup of coffee, and maybe a some sweet treats, with the trendy crowd.

Address: 2, Rue d'Ifrane, Casablanca