4 Weird Food Delicacies from around the World

On any intrepid backpacking trip, it's likely that you'll come across cuisine that is a little different from what you're used to at home.

It might be a tasty 'cronut', a cross between a croissant and donut, or a food that is much more suited to your healthy meal plans such as the south-east Asian 'king of fruits' the durian.

However, there are some truly weird dishes that you may encounter that will really make your stomach turn. Here are four strange delicacies to look out for in your travels.

Balut (Fertilised duck egg)

If you absolutely love eggs, then you may want to try the unique Filipino delicacy balut. This dish is a developing duck embryo which is boiled alive and eaten in the shell. Eaters of balut like to season the egg with garlic, vinegar or hot sauce.

Fried tarantula

The only occasions when you really see a tarantula is if you make a visit to a zoo, or if you know someone who keeps this creepy-crawly as a pet. If you're in the food markets of Cambodia however, you might just find a tarantula frying away on a wok!

Take a bite out of a crispy leg, or if you're feeling extra brave, try sinking your teeth in the abdomen. These are served in a stir fry with garlic, oil and salt.

Scorpion lollipops

Get up close to a real scorpion when you're next in Mexico or south-west America by purchasing a scorpion lollipop! Known as 'scorpion suckers' in the US, you can get a lollipop in four flavours including banana, strawberry, apple and blueberry. And yes - the scorpion is edible too.

Sannakji (Live octopus)

This Korean delicacy is definitely not for the squeamish, with sannakji a live octopus quickly chopped into pieces and served up on a plate.

What makes this dish a little unnerving is that the tentacles are still wriggling on the plate!

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Posted by Julie418Report
This is so disgusting! I would never try eating one of these dishes!