16 Game Changing Travel Products

Whether you’re going away for a weekend, a week or around the world, there are those gadgets and gizmos that make travel that little bit easier. Here are 16 products on our wish list.

1. Pocket Laundry Wash Trek and Travel Soaps 

Smaller, easier and a lot less messy to carry than a bar of soap, these paper thin laundry sheets dissolve almost instantly in water, giving you hand cleansing suds anywhere you need so you can arrive looking fresh to death. Eco friendly, biodegradable and ideal for camping and trekking when you have to wash on the go.

Price: $5.95

2. The TravelCard Charger

Out of batteries at that critical moment? Get another five hours of talk time with this wallet size charger for iPhone and Android.

Price:  $29

Stockist: www.travelcardcharger.com

3. Hush Earplugs

If you can sleep easy through snoring, crying babies or roaring traffic, then we envy you. For the rest of us, there’s a genius product about to hit the market - noise cancelling earphones with Bluetooth compatible in-ear speakers that will block the sounds the eliminating foam does not for a truly silent night. It will even ping you for important notifications, and can wake you up (and only you) with an in-ear alarm.

Price: $150

Stockist: Hush Technology

4. Ivation Universal Smartphone Lens

Over lugging around a giant DSLR camera but your iPhone pictures not doing your worldly adventures justice?  Take your smartphone pictures to the next level with a Smartphone lens kit like Ivation Universal. This will render your other camera equipment obsolete with 10 x Telephoto Lens, 180° Fisheye Lens, Macro Lens, Wide Angle Lens and a Universal Smartphone Clip.

Price: $30

5. Ring

If you rent your home out via AirBnB or need to let the neighbour / gardener / cleaner / dog minder in while you’re on holidays, then Ring will be a god-send. A wi-fi enabled doorbell that sounds an alert to your smartphone when somebody rings, Ring streams two way audio and video, and also includes a motion detector and a cloud based recorder – it can even be paired with a Location so you can unlock the door remotely. Clever!

Price: $199

6. The Aquavault

It’s a scorching hot day and all you want to do is go frolic in the waves, but you’re chained to your pool chair because there’s no one to watch your valuables. Aqua Vault lockbox solves that problem by fitting securely around beach furniture, bikes and fences so you can go get yourself wet.

 Price: $39.95

7. Wallet Ninja

Its best to prepared and prepared you will be with the Wallet Ninja – an all-in-one tool that’s the size of a credit card. With 18 tools in 1 you’ll be able to MacGyver anything and everything with 6 Hex heads, 4 screwdrivers including one for your glasses, and serves as a box-cutter, ruler, cell phone stand and more.

Price: $9.99 <>< p=""> <>

8. Downy Wrinkle Releaser

If you’ve spent the morning travelling to get to your afternoon meeting, then chances are, by the time you get there you’re going to be a wrinkly, dishevelled mess. Fear not – some clever soul has developed a spray that magically releases wrinkles and removes odours. Just spritz, tug on the fabric and wrinkles be gone! Genius.

Stockists: DownyWrinkleReleaserPlus.com.

9. Silk Undercover Bra Stash

No one’s going to steal from you without you noticing with this sneaky ultra-clandestine bra stash…

Price: $13.50

10. The Minaal

If you’re going on a super global adventure then you need a super amazing travel pack with all the nifty buckles, clasps, clips pockets and zips that you possibly can get. The Minaal has delivered on this, and lies flat for quick packing and unpacking, and lick a suitcase, there are zippers on all sides and rain cover for full water protection.

Price: $299

Stockists:  www.minaal.com/

11. Blue Smart Suitcase

This suitcase is so smart and gadget-loaded it would make 007 blush. This connected suitcase can be controlled and tracked by a smartphone, plus it has a built in scale, battery charger, location tracking and digital lock. The only thing it won’t do is walk your dog.

Price: $399

Stockist:  www.bluesmart.com/ 

12. Travel Smart Compress and Pack Space Saving Packs

If you’ve bought too many colourful kaftans on holiday, then the Travel Smart Compress and Pack Space Saving Packs will roll out all the air and save you 75% room.

Price: $15.99

13. Puddletons Packable Rain Boots

Wet weather when you’re travelling doesn’t have to be a downer if you’re dressed for it, but Wellington’s aren’t the most travel friendly accessory. You can’t go wrong with these fold-up black rubber boots. They don’t take up much room, can be folded into a small bag and will keep feet waterproof from toe to top. They even look good!

Price: $39.99

Stockist: www.puddletons.com

14. Red Eye Hoodie 2.0 by Aviator

Sometimes, you just need to cocoon yourself away on long haul flights, and the travel hoodie will let you do just that with an oversized hood, a hidden kangaroo pocket and 3 way cuffs that can be worn standard, fingerless or a full mitten.
Price: $98

Stockists: www.aviatorusa.com

15. Travelon Worldwide USB Adapter

Compatible in more than 150 countries, the Plug In Worldwide allows you to plug in multiple electronics and USBs into one compact adapter and charger.

Price: $25
Stockists: www.travelonbags.com/

16. The Vapur Micro Filter

Bottled water can be expensive, and for the environmentally conscious among us, all that plastic you’re throwing directly into landfill isn’t idea either… The Vapur Micro Filter solves both those problems – it removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria (such as Salmonella, Cholera and E. coli) and 99.9% of protozoa (including Cryptosporidium and Giardia). These water bottles are flexible which mean they are super easy to pack too…

Stockists: www.vapur.us

What’s the one thing you always take with you when you’re travelling? Let us know by commenting below.

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