10 Tips To Overcome Travel Trepidation

The world is in flux, with civil unrest, airline disasters and epidemic illness jostling for headline space. So how do we hold onto our adventurous spirits and keep travelling, when we feel trepidation?

Do you love to travel but loathe the thought of danger and disaster? Mindset Coach, Pat Mesiti, notes that even though the international negativity is making news, its actually not news at all.

“Evil has always been around and the very thing that evil wants us to do is to stop us from enjoying that which we have on this great earth,” he says. “I think that the wise person would understand that you cannot give in to evil because its aim is to refrain your freedom.”

“There’s so much of our world to enjoy that you can be free to enjoy,” Pat assures. “Don’t give in to the fear!”

Here are the Top Ten Steps To Safer Travel and a Shift In Mindset:

1. “Live above the fear and negativity”, urges Pat. “Be the adventurous type without putting yourself at risk or in harms way.”

2. Stay away from places that have got bad water supply and also eat in places that are clean. “Just remember the food that locals can eat does not mean you can also eat them, in particularly third world and developing nations.”

3. Learn to travel with medication. “Go to your doctor, get antibiotics before you leave and any other medication that can help,” advises Pat. 

4. Make sure you get shots if you need to against malaria and other similar diseases. “Do as much research into a country, a village or town before you leave. You don’t want any surprises.”

5. Don’t try to be a hero or an adventurer when you don’t know the dangers of the area, warns Pat. “And don’t get involved in local politics,” he adds. “Do your research and be careful not to put yourself in harms way.” This includes verbally as well as physically.

6. It is imperative to get perspective before boarding a plane. “Realize that there are hundreds and thousands of aircrafts flying around at any time and it is safer flying in a plane than it is to driving a car.”

7. Life is too short not to enjoy our precious world. If you can afford it, do it, urges Pat. “Do something, because something works but nothing doesn’t,” he says.

8. If you want to plan a long trip in the future, give it a time, give it a date rather than leaving it to linger in a nebulous world of not having a date and a time allotted. Before you know it, procrastination can turn into a pessimistic attitude about the entire travel prospect, and it may never eventuate.

9. “Ask yourself why don’t you want to travel or why you don’t want to go far” poses Pat, noting that both obstacles can be overcome. “If it’s financial reasons, sure learn to save up! If it’s a fear of danger, learn to overcome that otherwise you’ll give into that fear and never experience the joys and the wonders that we have on this great earth.”

10. Staying close to home is not the answer, says Pat. “You can’t live in a cocoon. You cannot live in a fort. If you do that, not only you will rob yourself, but you will give in to the gloom and doom of fear and live a relatively boring existence.”

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