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10 Cool Things To Do in Japan

10 Cool Things To Do in Japan

Japan is one of the most unique places to visit around the world. Find out about some cool and quirky things you can do in this fascinating place.

Would You Spend a Night in a Converted Prison?

The Pentridge Prison in Melbourne is being renovated and turned into a new hotel.

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You Can Stay in a Hotel With No Walls or Roof

This "Zero Star" hotel is offering a totally outdoor hotel experience in the Swiss Alps.

You Can Now Get Lunch From a London Telephone Box

Unused red telephone boxes across Britain are being transformed into food and drink kiosks.

A Local’s Top 6 Melbourne Experiences

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 21 Jul

Melbourne never stops and with every week a new hotspot emerges. But, for this resident, it’s the experiences less-travelled that continue to inspire.

Here's What $2 Million Can Buy You For Dinner

This restaurant experience gives new meaning to expensive taste!

Thrill-Seekers Flock to Terrifying Glass Slide in LA

The Los Angeles Skyslide is providing thrill-seekers a new urban adventure.

Australia's First Capsule Hotel Is Coming To Sydney

The popular Japanese-style pod accommodation is being built in Australia.