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This under-desk hammock might just be genius!

This under-desk hammock might just be genius!

You can now have a snooze at work in this comfy portable bed!

Why having a 'work wife' is really good for your mental health

2 minute read

Having a good whinge to your closest friend at work has been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on your mental health

This simple life change will make you more productive at work

3 minute read

Struggling to get things done during your work day? This lifestyle shift could help you find the energy you need.

How technology is shaping the future workplace

2 minute read

As companies begin to embrace new ways of working, the traditional 9 to 5 office job is now being re-imagined.

How to have a great relationship with your boss

3 minute read

If you’re still working on building your relationship with your boss, here's how to start nurturing a budding friendship.

Should you have a seasonal life plan?

3 minute read

Forget the old case of the 10-year plan. Now, says life coach Carlie Marre, you should make it a seasonal thing. Here's how to maximise your possibilities and make those big dreams a reality’

5 questions to ask before going into business with a friend

5 minute read

Starting your own business with a trusted pal sounds like the dream - but there are five hard-to-pose questions you need to ask each other first.

How to deal with an adult bully

6 minute read

With more than 70 per cent of women saying they have felt bullied by a "Queen Bee" in the workplace, Dr Laura Kirby offers advice on what to do when you find yourself the victim.

How to ditch the sorry reflex

6 minute read

Are you a constant apologiser? It's time to put an end to the redundant sorry reflex and start owning your opinions, space and self-worth.

Why employers should adopt a four-day working week

4 minute read

Anna Ross, Founder and CEO of ethical nail polish brand, Kester Black, offers her staff a full-time wage for only four days’ work in a week. Here, she explains what motivated her decision, and how it is beneficial to her business.

How to avoid the afternoon slump

2 minute read

When afternoon rolls around and brain fog and tired eyes hit, Sam Wood has some sure-fire ways to beat the dreaded slump.