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How technology is shaping the future workplace
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How technology is shaping the future workplace

As companies begin to embrace new ways of working, the traditional 9 to 5 office job is now being re-imagined.

How to have a great relationship with your boss

3 minute read

If you’re still working on building your relationship with your boss, here's how to start nurturing a budding friendship.

Should you have a seasonal life plan?

3 minute read

Forget the old case of the 10-year plan. Now, says life coach Carlie Marre, you should make it a seasonal thing. Here's how to maximise your possibilities and make those big dreams a reality’

5 questions to ask before going into business with a friend

5 minute read

Starting your own business with a trusted pal sounds like the dream - but there are five hard-to-pose questions you need to ask each other first.

How to deal with an adult bully

6 minute read

With more than 70 per cent of women saying they have felt bullied by a "Queen Bee" in the workplace, Dr Laura Kirby offers advice on what to do when you find yourself the victim.

How to ditch the sorry reflex

6 minute read

Are you a constant apologiser? It's time to put an end to the redundant sorry reflex and start owning your opinions, space and self-worth.

Why employers should adopt a four-day working week

4 minute read

Anna Ross, Founder and CEO of ethical nail polish brand, Kester Black, offers her staff a full-time wage for only four days’ work in a week. Here, she explains what motivated her decision, and how it is beneficial to her business.

How to avoid the afternoon slump

2 minute read

When afternoon rolls around and brain fog and tired eyes hit, Sam Wood has some sure-fire ways to beat the dreaded slump.

A futurist predicts the new technologies that will change your life

7 minute read

Driverless cars, personalised diets and self-service hotels: A futurist tells us what we can expect the world of lifestyle to look like in 10 years' time.

When is the right time to allow my child on social media?

4 minute read

Social media is a huge part of life for most adults, but even more so for tweens and teens. So how do you know when to allow them to start their online presence?

How can I monitor my child's mobile screen time?

3 minute read

When your child receives their first mobile phone, a conversation about limiting their screen time is due to take place. Psychologist and owner of Digital Nutrition, Jocelyn Brewer, gives her expert advice on how to tackle this minefield laden issue.