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Shipping Container Pools are Here to Save Your Summer

Shipping Container Pools are Here to Save Your Summer

Don't have the time, money or space to dig a giant hole in your backyard and fill it with concrete and water? Well, some crafty devils have discovered the perfect solution.

How to Choose The Right Pool Fencing

A swimming pool is a great asset to any home, but you can’t afford to skimp on safety. Charlie Albone shares his must-know tips


When you think of essential summer icons a few things spring to mind - BBQs, tinnies, eskys…and let's not forget the backyard swimming pool.

Water Features

Water features are one of those things that can really enhance a garden when done well, but can detract from a garden when not.

Wylie's Baths

Located at the southern end of Coogee in Sydney, Wylie's Baths enjoys magnificent, unrestricted ocean views over Wedding Cake Island.

Water Fun With Kids

Get inspiration for outdoor activities with your kids!

Pool Safety Tips For Families

See how to keep your children safe around pools this summer.