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It's difficult to find natural skin care that produces results, as India Tarasin knows all too well. However, a new brand that hails superfoods as their winning ingredient has just proved us wrong.

To me, skincare is one of the most personal parts of my life. My skin is something I care for and want to nurture after it's been clogged all day with make-up and life. So when I choose products, I avoid the scented and coloured ones in hopes of finding great natural products that will put the good back into my skin - and most importantly, make it look better. 

Luckily, Greg Gonzalez and Joe Cloyes answered my prayers.

As cousins, they grew up in California immersed in their grandmothers skincare business learning ingredients and different skin types. With a wealth of knowledge in the industry, they applied it to the modern world of health conscious consumers and created their own skincare: Youth To The People.

Plant-based, preservative-free and beautifully presented, their skin care looked too good to be true, so I tested it out myself. And I am so glad I did. 

Superfood cleanser: Kale and green tea, spinach, vitamins

Presented in a generous 470ml glass bottle, this cleanser is luxurious. It's pale golden tone is surprisingly thick and gel-like at first, but as it mixes with water, the substance gently foams. The subtle scent of kale and spinach is the second thing I noticed, but it's not overpowering and is an indicator of its plant-based ingredients.

This is a great cleanser for a gentle refresh and leaves my skin feeling super smooth, however I found it works best just on natural skin as it takes a few goes to wash off make-up. While I use this everyday, I would appreciate an exfoliant that would clean a bit deeper. Any time soon, YTTP?

Superfood firm and brightening serum: Kale, spinach, hyaluronic acid, peptides

This little bundle of joy goes with me everywhere, as it's so multi-functional. I use it as my face primer, a light moisturiser and to clarify my skin whenever I need. Its clear liquid is in a compact, clear glass bottle with a pump lid, so can easily be applied to my face.

Boasting the ability to firm and brighten your skin, this serum does not disappoint. Two tiny drops on my forehead will cover my entire face and neck, and dries almost instantly leaving my skin silky smooth. My skin feels firmer and after a couple of uses my complexion appeared visibly brighter.

Superberry hydrate and glow face oil: Acai, prickly pear, goji

This face oil comes in a small, frosted glass bottle with a pipette lid for easy application. Its pale golden colour exudes indulgence, and as soon as it touches the skin I'm in heaven. The oil is rich, silky and smells sweet, thanks to its berry ingredients.

One drop will cover most of your face, and every pore is soaking it up. This face oil is deeply nourishing and is perfect for before bed. In the morning, my face feels moisturised, nourished and looks brighter. This is a definite rescue remedy.

The air-whip face cream: Kale and spinach, green tea, hyaluronic acid

I'm not normally one for daily moisturisers as I've found regular use too heavy for my skin - until I used the air-whip face cream. This is the only cream moisturiser I have found to not clog pores or leave a shiny residue. As its name suggests, the product feels like it's actually been whipped with air as it is so light and gentle.

After a cleanse, I apply a small amount to my forehead, cheekbones and neck which immediately dries, leaving my face feeling fresh and smooth. It's pale tone is almost translucent, and lightly soaks into my skin ready for the day. If I had to use one product forever, this would be it.

Adaptogen deep moisture cream: Ashwagandha and reishi, pentapeptide

As the name of this product suggests, this cream is deeply nourishing. The camel-coloured cream is thick, rich and made for dolloping, smearing and slowly circulating into your face and neck for a luxurious experience. 

The soothing agents of the pentapeptide make the most difference on my skin, reducing redness and noticeably brightens my tone. While this cream works magic, it is more of a restorative night cream due to its richness, and probably isn't suited for oily skin. 

Superfood skin reset mask: Spirulina and microalgae, kale, spinach

When I have irritation, redness or visible tiredness, the healing agents of spirulina and microalgae work to calm any flare and restore my skin to a healthy state. Not only do I use this mask in times of skin crisis, but I found it a great weekly addition to my skincare routine to refresh after a week of busy life. 

The packaging includes an applicator which I use to scoop small dollops of the thick paste onto my skin, preventing a messy routine. The product is thick, smooth, shiny, and has a clay-like consistency which feels luxurious on my face. After about ten minutes, the green product dries and leaves my skin feeling refreshed, clean and clarified. I would definitely recommend this for all skin types, and is a great staple.

Superberry, hydrate and glow dream mask

This overnight mask works to deeply penetrate the skin, brighten and plump for a radiant glow. The superberries in this bright yellow formula offer a sweet scent which makes applying the formula even more pleasant. The shiny, thick consistency lathers on smoothly and is easily applied with its applicator. 

The formula is mega-rich, packed with antioxidant and THD ascorbate, which is the newest stablised form of vitamin C. While this mask is pure indulgence and makes my skin feel like silk, I would only use this once a week as it is so enriching, plus overnight masks require still sleeping which I am not good at. In saying that, I have also used this mask for 10 to 15 minutes and it still produces results. My skin has never felt softer and it's definitely looking brighter. 

Youth To The People is available from Sephora and

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