What does your moon sign say about you?

When you check your weekly horoscopes, what you’re actually reading is a synopsis of your Sun sign - the astrological sign the sun was in when you were born. But our Sun sign is really just the tip of the cosmic iceberg!

Our Moon sign reflects the position the moon was in at the time of our birth. It signifies our emotional self – how we see and make sense of the world around us and how we process feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Exploring your moon sign can offer incredible insight into your personality and help you understand your passions, reactions and triggers.

Because the moon changes signs every couple of days, your moon sign is determined from your exact time and day of birth. You can calculate your moon sign using this astrology chart.

Here's what your moon sign says about you.


Ruled by hot-blooded Mars, lunar Aries tend to be aggressive, impulsive, passionate and excitable. Quick to act and always ready to defend their existence, the Aries Moon can be a bit argumentative and at times, a little immature. Aries Moons are great emotional problem-solvers because they use their fiery energy to complete every task and quash any dilemma and argument as soon as they see it coming.


The Moon’s favourite placement is in earthy Taurus. Ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love, luxury and money, Taurus Moons are downright loyal, sensual and embrace all the finer luxuries of life. Taurus Moons are loyal friends, who will hold onto relationships and support others until the very end. They tend to love sweets, refined pleasures and have a loving heart. The bull may hold back emotions, only to act on them when they can’t be contained anymore. And you don’t want to meet their horns! Once they feel grounded, they are eternally caring.


The Moon in chatty Gemini chooses to express emotions through communication. Always sending a loving text or email to check in—the Gemini Moon Native loves to touch base and talk issues out. Understanding others is where they flourish, as they are ruled by inquisitive Mercury. It’s common for a Gemini Moon to offer advice, coming from a place of love so they can understand people better. Discussing and being open about emotions is of the utmost importance to them, even if they are indecisive.


The Moon is the natural ruler of the sign Cancer. Operating on feelings and memories, Cancerian moon people find nostalgia through food and cooking. Seeing situations and people from different angles is one of your greatest strengths. They are prone to run and hide deep within their shell if they feel unsafe or use their pincers to pinch back when someone upsets them. Being safe and nurturing others is very important to the internally delicate crab, even with their changeable emotions. Sincerity and loyalty are important—when they feel they have been wronged, they walk away for good.


Go big or go home! Leo Moon folk crave drama in their personal lives or big declarations to and from others to know they are loved. They are caring people with big hearts and like to show their love in lavish ways. Treating those who support their fiery ego with generous gifts as a show of appreciation and acknowledgement is their M.O. The way they feel deep down is linked to their sense of pride. If someone steps on their ego, they may roar and walk away, but if they are honoured, they stay for good.


Ruled by messenger God Mercury, Lunar Virgos tend to be analytical by nature, often thinking before acting. Compassionate and considerate, earthy Virgo Moons give the benefit of the doubt to those they love, until their emotional patience is pushed to the max. When they've reached their limit, they tend to explode (or implode) and it's usually with good reason. They let things go once they have expressed themselves, as Virgo is the sign of cleansing and purification. Often picky and critical, Virgo Moons demand perfection, only because they give their best and all to others: Unconditionally, sincerely and purely, without a hidden agenda.


The Venusian Moon in Libra experiences emotions through relationships with others. A doting and loving partner, Libra Moons use their charm and airy wit to explain their hearts while lavishing others with beautiful presents and food. The caveat is that Librans are the only astrological sign not represented by a living creature, instead depicted by the scales of justice. This symbolic link may lead them to be a little too critical of others and themselves, but always for the purpose of finding fairness. They're always building and maintaining partnerships, as they find their identity through companionship, acting out only when the emotional scales are tipped.


Fiercely protective, passionate and powerful are words to describe the Scorpio Moon, who - like Aries - is traditionally ruled by Mars and whose modern ruler is Pluto. Unlike Aries, Scorpio is more concerned with transformation. It's a deeply emotional sign that picks up on emotions through intuition, which helps them to adjust to any new situation. Commitment and protectiveness run deep, as their unconditional and intense love has no depths. While these emotions may be brewing, at at times stewing, within, they tend to show the outside world a poker face, which makes them feel safe and in control.


Lucky and expansive by nature, Sagittarian Moons are sated by exotic flavours that warm their palate and intellectual conversations. The Sagittarius Moon trots through life with an optimistic heart, open to growth and new ideas. Be careful not to hurt the Sadge Moon, as the fiery Archer can use their traditional symbol - the bow and arrow - to shoot straight to the heart and tell it like it is, no holds barred.


The Lunar Capricorn demands patience and persistence from themselves and those around them. Ruled by taskmaster Saturn, the Capricorn Moon uses their strength to achieve their goals. Success is of the utmost importance, as they view their inner-self through earthly recognition. Solitude and feelings of loneliness may cause them to feel isolated from others, as they tend to take emotional setbacks as a reflection of themselves. Their no-nonsense attitude makes them take life seriously, so it’s important for them to prioritise doing things that are fun for them.


Traditionally ruled by authoritative Saturn and modernly the groundbreaking planet Uranus, the airy Aquarius Moon native finds comfort in exploring and independence. A trailblazer by nature, they use their unique and quirky insights to meet like-minded people. They can, however, be a little emotionally cold at times, leaving others who don't adhere to their fanatical beliefs behind in the dust. They need to be with people who are secure and strong, who can handle their rebellious and freedom-loving nature without problems.


The Pisces Moon is intuitive by nature; one who puts more stock in how they feel or how others make them feel than hard facts. Sensitive and a natural empath, the artistic and watery Pisces Moon sees the world differently, as they experience life as a navigation of feelings. Their greatest challenge is that they may not see people or situations clearly, which can cause confusion and self-doubt, leading them to second-guess their instincts. They need to separate emotional fantasy from reality and fact from fiction, in order to swim freely and live a happy life without paranoia or fear to hold them back.

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