Your Full Astrology Guide for 2016

Time to gear up for the New Year, folks, because 2016 promises to be a doozy, astrologically speaking.

The biggest astro-news includes four Mercury retrograde periods scattered throughout the year. If you’ve heard of Mercury Retrograde, you know it causes annoying malfunctions in communication, contracts, computers and cars, among other things.

The Communication Planet goes retrograde four times this year — first, for most of January; next, during the first three weeks of May; then during the first three weeks of September; and finally, from December 19 through the end of the year. During these periods, it’s wise to slow down, double- and triple-check your work, and resist the urge to hit “Send” on that scathing email to your boss or your ex.

Five eclipses also mark pivotal points for many this year. The first, on March 8, marks a great day for a yoga class or meditation retreat. The second, on March 23, could find you on shaky ground with your sweetheart — or perhaps making a major decision.


Focus on health and wellness from January through August. Sure, it’s tough for impulsive Aries to stick to a new diet plan, but it gets easier once you see concrete results, like increased energy and a stronger, sexier body. That hot bod comes into play after September 9, when someone’s unique style catches your eye. They could end up grabbing hold of your heart! And they’re sure to love your creative, original personality. Don’t bother trying to follow the crowd this year. The world needs your pioneering spirit. Do stay respectful toward authority figures in 2016, though even if it goes against your rebellious nature. Keeping yourself in check is the best way to win them over in the end.


Writing, travel and spiritual exploration are life-changing this year. From January through August, you’re bursting with creativity. You might launch a business, expand your family or tell that special someone how you feel. Just mind your Ps and Qs and overall try to keep your mouth zipped during the first three weeks of May, when Mercury goes Retrograde in your sign. Want to try out a whole new look now? Do it! Just avoid anything too radical, like a new tattoo or chopping off all your hair — you’re likely to change your mind. Self-indulgent Taurus loves lounging around and eating bonbons, but after September 9, it’s time to put your health first when excessive Jupiter may hit you right where it hurts – in the tummy!


Major transitions are in the works for Gemini in 2016. March could bring an exciting job opportunity. Who cares whether you’re qualified? You’ll learn as you go, and rock this new position. Of course, you could end up questioning your career choices by mid-September. Accommodating a relative is important around September 1. It’s a good month for switching up your living arrangements, while Mercury is retrograde. A new roomie, a new place, a stylish new renovation — what will it be? Whatever you do, be flexible as you consider what will best serve your lifestyle. A word of caution though, try to reign in your rock star lifestyle as living life to excess will come back to bite you later.


If 2015 was a tough year, don’t worry; 2016 should bring some relief. When a stressful family situation comes to a head around March 23, trust that it’s all for the best and don’t take it too personally. Your career should see dramatic improvement in 2016, with stability, growth and a few sweet surprises. If a promotion comes your way, pat yourself on the back: You earned it by putting in the time and effort. After September 9, your living situation greatly improves. A new live-in love, perhaps? Maybe so, since romance is in bloom for single Cancers. You could meet someone special through work or launch a successful business with a partner this year. Overall, it will boil down to seeing the glass half full rather than halfway empty.


Get ready for the big bucks in 2016, Leo — this could be a tremendously lucrative year for you. From January through August, you have great potential for making money off your creativity and hard work. Focus on developing your considerable artistic talent. Many a Lion has the Midas touch when it comes to making a dream a reality. You may also get serious about someone special this year, especially around August 18, which marks a turning point in a close relationship. If your best friend, lover or business partner is invited to study abroad, encourage them to go for it. Don’t give in to the fear and jealousy threatening to consume you! Empower them to take a leap of faith, and you’ll be repaid tenfold.


Tooting your own horn and stepping into the spotlight is tough for reserved Virgo, but finally, the recognition you deserve is coming your way in 2016. Whatever your dream might be you can make it happen. Use the first three weeks of September to redesign your website or update your look. Just don’t be surprised if your family reacts against your yen for change. Finally, work and domestic responsibilities vie for your time and energy this year. You might move for your career, or buy or sell some property. Don’t expect it to be easy. Just stay positive and treat yourself gently. This may be tough for some of you but ultimately the rewards will be worth it.


You’re normally the life of the party, Libra, but from January through August 2016, you could care less about glitz, glamour and vapid chitchat. Instead, you yearn for solitude. Seek out spiritually uplifting pursuits and connect with your higher power. The guidance you get will make it worth your while. Around March 23, you crave a simpler look, or maybe even a whole new name or persona. This is all about moving beyond the frills to the real, true you. Starting September 9, the spotlight’s on you — and wow, are people drawn to your energy! Make your debut, whether that means launching a business, going on auditions or playing the dating game. It will be time to crawl out from under your rock!


2016 promises to be a character-building year for you. Yes, that’s a nice way of saying this year could bring its share of challenges! Good thing you’re so strong and resourceful — and you have plenty of support from good friends. They’re urging you now to let go of that dead-end job, relationship or habit, once and for all. You know they’re right; you don’t need the dead weight but sometimes Scorpio likes to hold on until the bitter end. Now, it’s time to move forward and flourish. Life feels more stable starting September 9. Focus on finding your Zen as you learn to transcend mundane problems. Money may be tight this year, but who cares? If anyone can thrive on a budget, it’s you.


Your naturally exuberant personality will be a little subdued in 2016 thanks to taskmaster Saturn’s journey through your sign. This is your year to work hard and prove how mature you really are. Instead of running from challenges and responsibilities, meet them head-on — and then rise above. Buckling down will help you reach incredible heights in your career. In fact, September 1 may bring a prestigious job opportunity, but the new position will demand your full commitment, and you might find it’s more trouble than it’s worth. On September 16, remember you’re not a broom: Don’t let your family push you around! Good thing your friends have your back from September 9 through the end of the year.


You’ve got a serious edge on the competition this year, Capricorn. If you want to win someone’s heart, make the first move. If it’s a career change you’re after, dress for the job you want, not the one you have. See the trend, here? It’s all about talking, thinking and behaving like an accomplished person in order to draw success your way. If March 23 brings an unexpected promotion, don’t expect the new job to be a walk in the park. Financial troubles may surface at work around August 18. Your professional prospects should improve after September 9. Still, take time in 2016 to consider what’s truly important. It should go without saying that spiritual pursuits, meaningful relationships and fulfilling work should win out.


It can be tough for a visionary like you Aquarius to stay grounded and practical, but that’s just what you need to do in 2016. Don’t worry, though: You’ll have support. If you need a loan or scholarship, apply for it sometime in January through August when lucky Jupiter is shaking the proverbial money tree. Around August 18, you’ll find that status suddenly seems meaningless next to simpler, deeper rewards. Your mind is humming this year, and intellectual pursuits bring you lots of pleasure. Sticking with that challenging course or research project will propel you to new heights of success. Finally, don’t be surprised if influential people get behind your work this year, and even promote it on your behalf.


Expect dramatic life changes this year, Pisces. On March 8, create a whole new look that matches who you are on the inside. This change should be seriously empowering, as is shedding a role that doesn’t suit you anymore around September 16 when a Lunar Eclipse in your sign illuminates your darkest corners. You might take a low-level position this year to gain experience, or learn a new language and work overseas. Travel, education and publishing opportunities are all favored. Whatever your plans, you’ll love the support you receive from your best friend, romantic partner or business associate through September 9. After then, expect things to heat up with that special someone. Here’s hoping you like it spicy!

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