Your new financial year astrological forecast

Save or splurge, refinance or relocate? Astrologer Lisa Stardust looks to the heavens to offer a preview of how the new financial year will shape up for your work and your wallet.

There’s no shortage of astro action in store for the next financial year, with major planetary transits set to keep your financial position evolving. With Jupiter the planet of luck and good fortune, Venus the planet of money and Uranus the planet of innovation all due for major shifts there’ll be plenty of variation; think periods of reflection where you’ll feel called to reflect and reassess your priorities, to moments of impulsiveness where you may feel inspired to take a punt, splurge or invest in something high-risk. One thing’s for sure, the next 12 months will be anything but dull! Here Lisa looks to the stars to reveal what’s in store for your sign


Aries (March 21 - April 19)

2018/2019 brings many financial shifts for you. Your fiery nature means you can make money fast and you're set to have many options to get rich quick. While 2018 was a wake-up call about cultivating healthy spending habits, the next financial year will be a time in which you can relish the fruits of your labour.

Things won't start to gain momentum until October 23, when your project materialises, as you've been waiting on other people to invest. You may feel uncharacteristically shy about pulling the trigger on October 31, but things change November 7 to 16, when you receive the first return on your new investment. This win gives you the confidence and motivation to move forward with other ideas that require start-up funding and faith.

December 2 is your lucky day for money! This is the date you’re most likely to get more than you ever expected from your investments — enjoy the thrill of the abundance you’ve earned through wise business decisions and perseverance.

The lunar and solar eclipses starting July 12, and later kicking off the new year on January 6 and January 21, bring several unforeseen expenses on the home front, causing you some frustration. Rather than huffing and puffing over the inconveniences or setbacks, use the time to change your surroundings and put a little money into creating the home of your dreams! You’re going to be spending the cash anyway, why not spend it on things you love? It’s a time in which this type of physical effort will help you feel more in control and at ease.

March 21 is high time to invest in an extravagance of some sort, as you have probably been saving your pennies for a rainy day. Now you have the chance to spend some of your hard earned money, just be careful not to go overboard. Choose a few treats or investments that will make you feel really good, rather than bingeing on little things online. Make sure all your new possessions are refundable, as you'll probably consider returning them in May.

May is a big month for you! Not only will you feel more confident, your wallet will be flush. Your expenses may be a bit high right now, but between May 4 and May 6, you may feel tempted to splurge. You may be worried about your dwindling bank account and potential debts and feel like returning certain purchases on May 18.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Tauruses are known to love the good life, and 2018/2019 allows you to indulge without overextending yourself. There’s security in living within your means while making a nice nest egg, and the balance is something new for you: financial bliss.

November 8 gives you a financial bump where you may receive a raise, but maintain a frugal stance when it comes to spending, bringing a series of wake up calls regarding your finances, and you’ll be glad you have a nest egg for unexpected expenses.

2019 is all about reassessing your finances and regaining material wealth. You may have ups and downs throughout the year. Watch out for June 16 and September 21, as these may be times when your wallet takes a hard hit, leaving you confused as to where all your money has gone. January 13 could be frustrating, as you may feel too many treats have hit your bank account hard.

Another important fiscal theme for you is restructuring your investments, savings, and expenses. The fiscal sector of your chart gets a big kick on June 3 and November 26, bringing money your way and allowing you to cut down on your debts.

Your sign is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love, but also material wealth and money. Given that Venus moves through each sign every few of weeks, your relationship with money changes frequently. The movement of Venus through the signs strongly activates several sectors of your chart at any given time. A personal power date to look out for is June 9, which brings extra cash to you, just be careful not to get too excited and overspend. This is a time of abundance, but it’s actually most advisable to save your money now.

While this year may be a bit confusing in terms of budgeting, you will surely get your groove back by the summer months, allowing you to welcome in a New Year with fewer worries surrounding money and, if you heed lessons about maintaining balanced spending, even a fair amount of prosperity.


Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

You’re a wheeler and dealer by nature, Gemini. The finer financial details are usually less interesting to you because you're more about the big picture than the details, but these details come into greater focus in 2019. In the past, you've been speeding by without taking proper stock of your personal wealth and finances, and 2019 is going to be the year when you are called upon to get these areas of life in order.

Authoritative Saturn is gliding through the transformative house of other people’s money and investments, forcing you to seek advice from a professional who can talk you through the process of investing and budgeting. This may be a challenge at first because you tend to spend money on fun things on a whim, but the advisor will be well worth their fee (just choose them wisely!).

As you take steps along your road to financial recovery, others may act out in a strange kind of jealousy. Be aware of people looking to borrow money without the intention of paying it back. This year is all about learning lessons through lending, investing and accepting guidance and support as you get a handle on your growing bank account.

You start off the year with an opportunity to cut down on debts, as the first eclipse of 2019 on January 6 brings in cash that helps you make payments. February 4 is another day when you may get an influx of money to make payments or save up, boosting your accounts.

July 4 to August 11 serves as your time to logically assess your finances, giving you the practical edge to understand how to properly assess your own spending habits. Take time to reflect and make sure your sizeable purchases are worth the investment. The winter months will be a time to strategise about your money making methods and July 3 may bring an epiphany in this area.

The eclipses on July 2 and 16 may bring around a friend looking to borrow money. Resist the urge to come to their rescue, they probably won't pay you back. On November 8, you'll either regret the loan or be glad you spared yourself the cost.

Your lucky star brightens in the spring days, as Jupiter, the planet of luck, brings you profits and paybacks, starting on December 2 and lasting through to the following year. While you may see a surge in your funds on December 15, don’t break your streak and go on a shopping spree!

You'll end the year on top, due to your diligent efforts to reform your relationship with money, and good news about profits on December 26.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

You're known for holding your dollars tight because you like to be the provider for others. You rarely take a leap of faith and play with stocks, because the idea of losing money you could’ve saved for good use shakes you to your core but this year don’t let the idea of investing freak you out!

Use your innate practicality and intuition to achieve your financial goals by researching and examining new outlets for your financial savviness. You may decide to forge a new path and experiment with a minor or moderate start-up investment or a new type of investment that gives you faith in the purpose of a bigger gamble by the end of the year.

This winter will be a time of pondering the long-term value of your newfound strategies and fortunate astrological aspects on July 22 will yield some profits for you, giving you hope in the path you are walking, particularly on July 27 and  August 11.

The eclipse on January 21 pushes you out of your protective shell and into the high-stakes world of business. The summer of 2019, particularly January 20 to February 18, allows you to examine the places you wish to invest and monitoring the market will allow you to corner the proper avenues to yield the best returns.

With Uranus “The Great Awakener” activating the sector of your chart which focuses on worldly endeavours, investing in an internet company mightn't be a bit idea. May 4 is prime time to look into these new ventures. The energy of the New Moon on that day will push you to take brave (baby) steps into your new endeavour.

When will you receive your first big check? Winter 2019. Lady Luck has sent you a dividend that will allow you to take that long-awaited trip you’ve been dreaming of that summer, ending the financial year on a high note and allowing you to take even bolder leaps in coming months!


Leo (July 23 - August 22)

You’re your own best asset which makes you the best money maker there is! It's important to remember that this summer, as you may feel a little shy on January 21, when you’re being pushed into the spotlight. You may second guess your skills which could hold you back from achieving your goals. Just be careful not to sign paperwork before looking it over on January 13 and make sure the partnership you’re starting is fair and balanced.

With your creative endeavours in top gear, the end of summer brings a rare opportunity to partner with someone in business. On March 6, you are front and centre, running the show. Expect to receive a good return from your joint venture as autumn starts on March 26. Your bank account may be extra flush around the equinox, but be careful of friends who wish to take advantage of you during this time.

Autumn brings another opportunity for you to shine on May 4. There may be a delay, causing you to spend the month of May waiting for money to clear from work you’ve completed.

On June 3, your friends need your fierce attitude and advice to help hedge some money for a cause. If they ask you to invest in a business around this time, think twice about how much you give, as autumn brings eye-opening perspectives about their money-managing abilities and possibly their overall intentions.

June 21 could be confusing, because who owes who (and for what) may be reworked in a way that makes you feel squeezed for cash over the next several months. This will add stress to your life through the winter in the area of joint incomes and loans.

That said, you have the opportunity to become a self-made business person this year or to step up your game in big and bold ways! Focus on yourself and your creative projects first, and think carefully about who you share your successes with, Lion!


Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Hard-working by nature, in the past year you’ve made headway and enabled your own business to really take off. With your motivation high, there isn’t anything you can’t achieve. You’ve really improved your own life and are ready to continue your success, taking things to the next level!

The only caveat to your entrepreneurial splendour is that you may partner up with the wrong sort of people who don’t have your best interests at heart. This theme will run rampant for the whole financial year, as Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions is moving through your house of partnerships and contracts. Review the details of all agreements and be extra precise in this area. Steady as you go!

With work booming, you may decide to invest in your home or a new property. With Jupiter moving through your house or domestic property, it’s a great time to renovate and “think big” in terms of your home sector. The spring brings an opportunity on November 1 to use your wise ways to seal the deal after you’ve done your research to get a fair shake. The deal will be cemented through your fruitful labour and due diligence. In the end, not only do you get your dream home, you also get it at a fair price and rate, because you were so on top of all the details and stayed realistic about expenses.

Purchasing property may be your desire, and it’s in the cards with a push from Jupiter, just be careful on January 13 and June 16, as you may take out a mortgage or other long-term expenses that force you to get in over your head. June 9 adds pressure to your situation, making you feel you should sign your credit over to someone who is looking to make an unreasonable amount of money off the deal.

Avoid the stress by making sure you are investing and living well within your means. Be sure the home you are purchasing is at market value and steer clear of money pits that need lots of work. You don’t have to sign anything right away, and your attention to details is twice as necessary at this time.



Libra (September 23 - October 22)

This financial year brings unexpected changes to your finances. The “Great Awakener” planet, Uranus, is roaming through your eighth house of other people’s money and possessions, giving you many opportunities to receive lofty funding through joint ventures.

Ruled by Venus, Goddess of money and luxuries, you take finances seriously—opting to use your airy skills to cultivate and manifest material wealth for yourself.

The year brings monetary surprises, especially in the spring, when your planetary ruler Venus goes retrograde on October 5, blending financial revelations which may allow you to take your share out of the pot and spend on yourself. Just make sure you aren’t taking or spending more than is wise.

When Uranus moves from your house of joint finances into the house of partnerships and contracts at the beginning of the calendar year, it’s time to check whether you are getting paid fairly. Use the new year, especially January 2 as a time to review. This is also a great time to review partnerships. Starting off the year with some reflection and research will give you a great advantage for the year ahead. As the year moves ahead, even you will be surprised to see your negotiations yield a profit, as your unexpected project takes flight. This is especially true on May 18, when your planetary ruler, Venus, sees the digits in your joint bank account double. With your independent wealth and joint venture going strong, it's a great time to celebrate, you've earned it!


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

You’ve had a rough trot when it comes to money over the past few years, which has made you learn valuable lessons. Known as the sign of sex, death, and taxes, you know how to handle money. While 2018/2019 does give a reprieve to your past deficits, you still have a lot to look out for, Scorpio!

This year is all about clearing debts, and who knows how to transform financial woes into gold better than you? You'll kick off 2019 on top of the money game, following a raise in 2018. However, January 13 (as well as June 16), you'll be tested by the universe.

Do you spend your new riches on yourself, or, do you pay back your debts and loans in one lump sum? January 22 gives you the opportunity to take precautions to make a settlement, while January 24 allows you to make a spur of the moment investment, gambling your savings for a big return.

April 10 may leave you flat-out annoyed about money, as your once healthy bank account has taken a slight hit. Don’t worry, transformative Scorpio, you have nine lives when it comes to money and many chances to reinvent your finances. Just try not to increase your debt, as June can bring a lot of action to your credit cards, and you may overspend between June 10 and 20.

The winter is very mellow, as you spend your days trying inventive ways to gain funds. Your efforts will pay off, allowing you to have a full bank account till the end of 2019. You end the year with a new beginning around personal finances, going in strong and debt-free into FY 2019/2020!


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

An over-spender by nature, you're not afraid to gamble, travel, and spend money on exotic getaways. Certain restrictions (your least favourite word!) in 2018/2019 may make it a little hard for you to spend freely.

Saturn, the paternal planet of limitation, is traveling through your chart's financial sector, as is Pluto, the planet of transformation. With these two planets moving through your finances—it’s time to change your carefree, frivolous ways.

Be advised, you will have to cut back for the next few months, which may prove to be especially hard during the eclipses on July 12.

January 20, in particular, is a prime time to take action to replenish your bank account. February 1 may push your buttons, as your monetary woes bring you down. Instead of giving in to negative feelings, try to reassess and change your spending to take back control. While it may be challenging, you have an opportunity to transform your finances, but it will take some planning.

April 24 and 30 are wise dates to bring in an advisor or a knowledgeable friend to help you understand how to transform your material wealth and move towards growth. At this time, you'll have the urge to splurge on a new winter wardrobe or a mid-year holiday but may not be able to afford it. Try not to get down, the good news is that by listening to others who you trust, you will be able to save, soaring into summer with more dough in your pockets, and maybe even offering you the ideal summer holiday for New Years.


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Serious and hard-working, you know how to handle money and take financial matters seriously. This year gives you a chance to spend your hard-earned bucks more freely, even if you feel the innate tug of responsibility, especially on January 21, 2019.

Enjoy spending the fruits of your labour on February 4, but don't go crazy, you could get carried away — yes, even you, responsible Capricorn can overdo things from time to time!

Throughout the year, try to make a regimented quarterly plan, making sure to contribute to your investments - especially on December 20, March 1 and July 27 and 28- to increase your wealth. With these power dates in mind, you can use your brilliant mind to accumulate more cash.

You may be tempted to fall for a get-rich-quick scheme on January 31 and June 16. Even with your innate practicality, an offer may present itself which provokes you to second guess your intuition. Don’t be fooled! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You can, and should manage your finances yourself. Beware of anyone who tempts you to hand over the reins to your money.


Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

Unconventional by nature, you tend to march to the beat of your own drum. This rings true in all aspects of your life, including your finances. While others value material possessions, you seem to have a different relationship with the material world, opting not to put too much emphasis on money.

Neptune the planet of dreams and illusions, hit the financial sector of your chart this past year, so your relationship with money has become disconcertingly cloudy. The fog has caused financial issues to come to a head, but a clear resolution has been hard to come by. Be sure to ask the right friends to guide you, as advice from someone who isn’t good with finances may lead you down the wrong path, especially September 7 to 20, and November 20. Be careful about who you trust with your money on those dates.

With persistent problems coming to light, this year is a good time to seek advice from people who are good with money—especially on November 8, as it will help to ground you. While you may feel like you’re ready to burn out, they can help ease you into a plan that will be beneficial in the long run.

Though you want to run away and live in a utopia free of financial restraints, in reality, you need money to survive. Try to nurture your wealth through artistic and spiritual pursuits and investments, strengthening your altruistic desire to place less of an emphasis on money. Give time and finances to a cause that pulls on your heartstrings.

The main advice for you this year is to recognise the amount of money you actually have and can make, and set ground rules for yourself about how to manage it in a healthy way. Once you control and understand that aspect, you'll be free as a bird.


Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

A visionary by nature, you use your intuition to guide you through all facets of life, including money. You know better than anyone when to gamble, invest, and withdraw from a venture. Consider yourself lucky to be born with such skills! Knowing how to swim your way through such deep waters is an incredible gift.

While 2018 may not be your make it or break it year financially, you will have some chances to add some sizzle to your bank account in 2019. With work going well, you may decide to ask for a raise—just be sure to research a reasonable amount. Yes, you are intuitive, but you often live with your head in the clouds, bringing dreams down to manifest as if by magic for the rest of us mortals - but in business, this can be tricky to navigate.

2018/2019 is the year you step into the material world and assert your financial needs by forcing others to put a monetary price tag on how they value you. While you may feel insecure or unsure, it’s your year to take a stand against the tide holding you back.

Be prepared to step into a new financial bracket on October 8, which will allow you to sail into summer and 2019 with high hopes and lofty dreams. This is your year to push back against any obstacles, with your unique brand of intuitive knowing, especially in the winter, which will lead you into the perfect relaxing summer full of ease.

The summertime eclipse on January 6, right after New Years, is an excellent day to ask your boss for a raise. Be sure to optimise your charms for the next month, especially on January 20, to ensure your raise goes through. June 16 is another wonderful day to swoop in during a quarterly review and use your dreamy words to show off your skills, ultimately leading to a pay bump which you'll receive mid-July during the second eclipse.

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