Young Designers Going Gaga!

It's not just music fans who are excited about style icon Lada Gaga's much-anticipated visit to Australia.

Vodafone's exclusive fashion design competition, the All-Time Fashion Challenge, has created an opportunity for one aspiring Australian designer to make their career-debut at the exclusive, never-to-be-repeated GAGA Live event at Sydney Monster Hall tonight (July 13).

Ten students from the prestigious Whitehouse School of Colour and Design signed up for the career-making challenge. Their brief was to create a bespoke, avant-gard-inspired design fitting for a style icon - just like Lady Gaga.

All the students had just two weeks to conceptualise and create their unique designs and come up with the most disruptive and eye-catching piece. Check out all their designs in our gallery below!

And the winner? (Drum roll please!) Natalie Schmidt with this knockout dress -

“My design aesthetic challenges contemporary fashion; mixing pop culture suggestions, strong, deliberate silhouettes with modern detailing and fabric exploration,” she said about her design. "Emotion and imagination is combined to create a distinctive and innovative aesthetic.”

Watch a video of the Fashion Challenge here –

Natalie will now parade her design in front of the world’s media at the exclusive Lady Gaga live show which is all set to be a once-in-a-lifestime event.

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